[25] Problems with Patchwerk

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Postby Halford » Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:54 am

We're farming patch now, usually 1 shot.

Summary of recommendations:

- Have a mage buff offtanks with amplify magic
- Have a Stoneskin totem near the tanks - if possible an Air totem near the healers
- Tanks Use Armor elixir, Agility elixir (if no flask)
- Tanks use Indestructable potion BEFORE the pull and again 2 min into the fight
- Tanks usually save last stand / shield wall for end of fight but some use early at the beginning of the fight , hopefully with cooldown timing they can use twice
- Warriors use vigilance on Paladin Tank
- Always have Thunderclap/Demoralizing shout (if a warrior has them improoved better)
- One hunter casts Scorpid Sting - i don't believe it stacks with druid Insect swarm
- Deathknight's horn of winter
- Pop heroism early
- Druids innervate priority: Paladin, Self(Resto), Shaman,
- Shadow priest and Ret pally mana replenishment, mana totem
- One Hunter specced survival (Hunting Party) for raid mana buff
- Ret and Holy paladins use the Bubble + Hand of sacrifice on your weakest OT in the fight when called upon. This should be macro'ed.
- 5 seconds into pull, only tanks hit him to get aggro buildup. Melee watch your threat...


Depending on # of beacons and gear level, 6-7.

-Set up a healing party. Leveraging the totem mana tide regen, mana was no issue. Place druid in tank group if that is his assignment.

-innervate Paladins when Patch is 50%

-Do not use group heals. Everyone will be spamming big or alternating big/little heals on your target as much as you can tolerate with your mana pool. You must pre-emptively heal, that is, do not wait to reactively use a big heal or it will be too late. This includes the PULL.

-Priests should include shield in healing rotation. Shamans use chain heal throughout. Paladins must refresh beacon every minute!

MT - (1-2 healers) Resto Druid, and weakest healer if available
OT1 - (3 healers) Priest, Shammy spams chain heal, Paladin1 + beacon2
OT2 - (2-3 healers) Priest, Paladin2 + beacon1

Hope this helps.
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