[25] Sartharion with 10-12

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[25] Sartharion with 10-12

Postby Mex » Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:16 pm

So I'm loving the ability to do all raids with 10 as well as 25 in this expac, and having recently made the move to a small, 10 man guild, I'm looking for ways to get at a few more pieces of 25 man loot, without the hassle of pugging.

Also, with the current ease of content, I was looking for a few new ways to get a challenge out of some of the content. We don't currently have a good mix of geared tanks for 10 man sarth + 3, so I was thinking of maybe trying a 25 man obsidian sanctum with only 10-12 guildies.

Sartharion himself seems easy enough. He hits like a wimp, has no enrage, and we've all done 10 man enough to know how to dodge flame walls. With healer mana being so close to infinite, I was thinking that even with only 6-8 DPS, this could be quite doable. The only thing I'm not positive about is the adds, there are a lot more on 25 man, but I'm hoping that having 3-4 DKs (we have a lot in the guild atm) spamming pestilence, along with extra care taken not to enrage them, and a hunter to tranq those that do get hit by walls, we'll be able to handle it.

Likewise, shadron and vesperon seem easy enough. Go through portals, kill adds, rinse repeat. It'll be slow, since with less DPS we'll have much less time on the drake each cycle, but again, healer mana isn't really an issue atm. Tenebron might be tricky, since we'll prob have to try and kill eggs, or we'll be dealing with multiple whelp spawns. Still, we can prob try some diff strats on him.

The thing I'm most worried about strangely enough, is the trash, especially double caster packs. 2 flame orbs and RoFs up is a lot of damage, especially with 25 man health levels.

Does anyone have any experience doing any of this, or thoughts / suggestions? We 20-manned Sarth in the second week of Wrath, in 90% SWP gear etc, so I think it's doable, I'm just curious about only having 2 people casting heals, even though their output is easily double what each healer had when we 20 manned it.
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Postby knaughty » Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:22 pm


Common tactic to get the "not hit by random bombs from sky" achievement is to have 10-15 people suicide by eating cleave when Sarth is pulled.

Can't imagine you'd have much trouble with drakes. Just assign a DK or two to add duty.
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Postby Samilyn » Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:52 am

The trash is more difficult than any of the "bosses" (0D) in that zone.

Went in today to do the 8-man achievement on [10] and wiped to the first trash pack 3-4 times before we realized it was heroic... We were running with 2 healers (1 was a skilled alt) and they just couldn't keep up. Even moving the mobs away from the orbs, the incoming damage was just too high. Spamming heals etc, but tanks still died.

Also dealing with whelps and acolytes will take enough time that damage vs the actual drakes will be... slow.
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Postby amh » Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:23 am

Trash is very doable with 12+ people. We regularly start clearing trash while waiting for the slackers to arrive. One tank, 2-3 healers, some aoe.

You were thinking about doing Sarth+0, right? So killing off each drake prior to Sartharion.

You probably want to skip killing eggs, the whelps do little damage to tanks and are aoe´d down very quickly right on top of the drake.

As for disciples, tank + 1 healer stay upstairs, everyone else gets into the portal. No issue there, but I can imagine that it would take a while :)
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Postby Mex » Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:07 am

Yeah it'd be a slow clear, but tbh I can't see it going _that_ much slower than 25 man pugs that have to res 12k rogues who die to void zones after every drake, lose 10+ people to flame walls, and think that warriors DWing gorehowl count as "full epic".

My original idea was to of course do Sarth without drakes up, buuuuuuut seriously, I'm really tempted to try it with 1 or even 2 up, for the pure e-peenery. We'll almost certainly do it with 0 to get a feel for things, but after that, I think it could be fun trying to do multiple drakes.

Hrmmm, actually after doing and typing up a large amount of napkin math, 25 man Sarth 2D seems like it'd be almost too hard with only 10. If you assume 5 DPS, they'd need to do ridiculous damage to kill Tenebron before Vesperon landed, and you'd have multiple whelp spawns to deal with as well. With both drakes up (quite likely), the healing I feel would be too intense, and you'd need to bring a 3rd healer, which would reduce the DPS to 4. If you had everyone doing everything perfectly, and had 4 DPS with huge amounts of synergy, and everyone geared 100% in full best in slots, you could potentially do it I think, but the level of control and co-ordination you'd need would be huge.

That said, 1 seems kinda feasible. You'd prob need 3 tanks, but there'd be no DPS rush on Tenebron really, assuming the 3rd tank could handle the adds OK. You could DPS Tenebron whilst periodically aoe'ing down whelps, then move onto Sarth.

Still, it's all somewhat moot until we try it. Will report on how it goes when / if we get around to giving it a go!
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Postby Doogs » Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:18 am

Just did this tonight with 10 people. Had 2 tanks and 2 healers, with a shadow priest that helped out every now and again. It is a bit slow but actually not as bad as I had thought it would be. Perfect for small guilds (like mine) who would like some 25man gear/badges without dealing with a bigger guild or pugs.
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Postby Belloc » Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:17 am

If you're a paladin, you might as well solo-tank the fight.

Also, Sartharion does have an enrage (berserk): 15 minutes.
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