[10] - Class Role Balance

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[10] - Class Role Balance

Postby Celles » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:55 pm

My small guild (20 or so active players) is going to be starting Naxx soon, hopefully by the end of the year. Since I'm the person who usually kicks it in gear to get things done, I'm the one who has to decide who comes along and who warms the bench - which isn't the crux of my problem. I don't find it difficult to decide who to take, based on skill and gear and what-have-you, but I need to know how many of what role to take along.

I didn't hit Kara or ZA until late in the game - post raid nerf, in fact. Needless to say, it was pretty easy and we could get away with 1.5 tanks and 1.5 healers and pack in DPS for the rest of it.

Since Naxx isn't nerfed, I'm not exactly sure what sorts of roles I should be bringing along. I understand specific class isn't as important in Naxx-10 as it is in Naxx-25 (no need to have priests to MC mobs, etc), but having an idea of the numbers of tanks, healers and dps I'll need will make my job much easier.

I realize this is sort of a nebulous question and people could discuss ad-nauseum about how-many-what-kind-which-one, but any sort of guidance would be a help, especially if I get more of a "X and here's why" answer.

If this has been asked before, I sincerely apologize. I looked but didn't see anything.

Thanks in advance,
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Postby tbolt » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:21 pm

My guild usually runs it with 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps and we do just fine. The extra healer gives a cushion and makes it a bit easier. However I have also run it with only me tanking, a dps warrior off tanking when needed, 2 healers and the rest dps. That worked on everything except patches where the warrior was getting destroyed while main tanking (I was taking the hurtful strikes) so he went and respeced for that fight and we got it.

So I'd say 2 tanks/3 heals/5dps if you're just starting out to make it easier and then from that run, you can judge your group and see if you wanna trade a tank or healer for another dps.
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Postby knaughty » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:28 pm

One MT
One OT. Ideally, DK or Bear as they have good DPS compared to prot anything. But two prots works.

Two really good healers, plus a hybrid with decent healing for 4-H and Sapph, or 3 healers and do it easy mode.

Rest DPS.

Bonuses: Replenishment isn't mandatory, but is nice. So is Bloodlust.

Nice to have, but don't panic about it: Lots of buffs and debuffs.

Exact makeup is extremely flexible unless you're talking about Malygos or Sarth+Adds, both of which are substantially easier if you bring a DK (esp Malygos). DK spec doesn't matter for Malygos, they'll be DPSing and parking sparks. For Sarth, they need tanking talents and OT gear.

Sarth+3 requires very specific raid stacking, but TBH, you're probably not interested, it's way too hard for non-epeen-guilds.
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Postby Mex » Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:13 pm

We still bring 3 healers and 2 tanks to every run, although I'm not sure why. I think next time I'll try it with only 2 healers, and maybe even just 1 tank.

While starting out, 2 "tank specced" tanks and 3 healers is a very good idea though. In terms of actual requirements for the fights, there are some which are made easier with an OT, others which have mechanics which require two tanks, and others which are strictly one-tank fights.

Heigan, Loatheb, Maexxna, Saphiron are all strictly one tank fights.

Anub, Faerlina, Noth, Grob, KT are all fights that are made easier with an OT, but that could quite viably be tanked by one geared tank picking up boss + adds.

Gluth, Thaddius, Gothik, 4h are all fights which, due to their mechanics, are impossible to tank with a single tank. On Thad / Gothik / 4h, there are mobs which need to be tanked in separate parts of the room, inaccessible by one character. On Gluth, you need to taunt the boss off the MT for long enough for his debuff to fade (5-10 seconds every 40-50 seconds).

Patchwerk and Razuvious are special cases. Raz is tanked by adds MCed using crystals, you could use any class to do this. Patchwerk ideally needs 2 tanks, but could theoretically be done with a single geared MT and 100% ranged DPS. If you have any melee though, you'll need a properly specced OT.

Within a few tiers of content though, I wouldn't be surprised to see runs with 1 tank, 2 healers, and a plate DPS "OT" being quite common, and by the end of the expansion I'm sure people will be able to do it with 1 tank, 1 healer, and 8 DPS, much like Kara.
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