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Wrath Primals, Eng really that good for them?

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Wrath Primals, Eng really that good for them?

Postby tbolt » Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:20 pm

Hello, I'm just trying to make up my mind on my profs and was wondering if someone (from the beta maybe) could answer some questions for me. I was planning on holding on to Eng to gather up primals as I leveled and then switching to something else. However after looking at wowhead, the primal requirements for crafted gear doesn't seem anywhere as high as that of TBC items. Most only need 2 primals with some needing 4 and very few needing 6. Also I haven't seen anyone mention the density of motes in Northrend areas. Are they more/less/equal to what we found in Outland? How farmable are they aside from using Eng to get them?

I'm not really thinking in terms of money here, more along the lines of: if primals aren't needed in the same high quantity and can be farmed easily, then would my toon be better off leveling with BS and making his own gear?

I'm pretty sure I'm dropping Eng at 80 anyways for BS, but just wanted to see if I get more benefit out of keeping it through 70-80, or make it easier on myself and just level BS as I go since primals aren't as big of a deal this time around.
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Postby Seraphyna » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:46 pm

I found while leveling in Wrath that there were tons of mote clouds about.

While I certainly would not drop a profession just for Engineering just to be able to get them, if you have Engineering, it's certainly a nice bonus, considering the benefits of being an Engi are rather few after you get yourself some goggles.

I'm lucky, my rogue is my miner, so I have both Blacksmithing and Engineering on the paladin. Will make things fun :D
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