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Postby Elsie » Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:09 am

Splug wrote:
Majiben wrote:
crabcrouton wrote:Okay quick math here to compare.

Assuming a 1000 BV for easy comparison, this is what we see:

ShoR: (400+1000) * 1.3 (Shield Spec) * 1.1 (1-H Spec) * 1.3 (Shield of the Templar) = 2603

SS: (1015+1000) * 1.3 (Shield Spec) * 1.1 (1-H Spec) * 1.1 (Gag Order) * 1.1 (Imp Def Stance) * 0.9 (Defensive Stance reduction) = 3137 dmg

The difference is roughly 17%. This means that at any time SS is used on a mob with more than 17% armor reduction, it'll do less damage than ShoR would. Most mobs have quite a bit more armor than this. Stop the QQ already.
I thought the damage reduction in defensive stance was being removed with wotlk.
Well, almost. The damage output reduction still exists, but the improved defensive stance talent gives you a +10% damage enrage whenever you dodge, parry, or block. Both of those multipliers were in Knaughty's calculations. The net result is +10% -10%, but since they're multiplicative and .9*1.1 != 1, the defensive stance / improved defensive stance calculations here are correct.

Depends on how they coded it. Something like that could've easily been coded as a single coefficient, though in general I'd agree with you.
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