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Postby katraya » Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:17 am

Vaughan wrote:My boyfriend is still running his lock Fire Destro I'll see if I can get him to give me his spec later. The only problem we've noticed so far is mobs dying too fast for cast times, the melee and hunters are owning while the casters are all like 'wtf happened to the mob I was just trying to cast at?'.

Yeah that was my experience last night. I ran Kara with my guild, mainly alts. We had three other paladins so I wasn't able to take my freshly dinged, all in greens pally. :roll: So instead I went on the lock I hadn't raided on in over 6 months, due to a server transfer.

I had heard that mobs in there died incredibly fast now, so I went for the fire destro spec. I knew afflicition wouldn't be of much use if my dots couldn't tick. Even with a destro spec things were dead while I was mid-cast. Forget seeding the groups too, the mages had them dead before one or two went off. I went back to just using Reign of Fire heh.

A major issue I had was alot of aggro problems. I think this may have been due to the fact that neither I nor our tank had played those particular toons in months, and not at all since the patch.

I'll probably go back to affliction soon, I greatly enjoyed it on the PTR. My lock is really just used for the occasional daily right now.

Most of the conceptual models have put affliction as higher dps, but that really doesn't take the quick deaths into consideration. I suppose it depends on the level of content you're doing and how long the boss will live.
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