Some Threat Numbers

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Some Threat Numbers

Postby Eanin » Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:07 am

Some threat numbers:

I've been fiddling around with threat numbers for SP, AP and Strength, to try to get a sense of how much threat they add. Here's what I came up with:


White Threat: 0
Seal of Corruption: 0.08*1.9/3=0.051
Judgement: 0.42*1.9/9=0.089
HotR: 0
Consecration: 0.32*1.9/9=0.068
Holy Shield: 0.09*1.9=0.171

Total: 0.208 tps plus 0.171 per block


White Threat: 1/14=0.071
Seal of Corruption: 0.16*1.9/3=0.101
Judgement: 0.2625*1.9/9=0.055
HotR: 1/14*4*1.9/6=0.090
Consecration: 0.32*1.9/9=0.068
Holy Shield: 0.056*1.9=0.106

Total: 0.385 tps plus 0.106 per block


With Kings and 5/5 Divine Strength is 2.53 AP per strength, so:

Total: 0.974 tps plus 0.269 per block

Note that these numbers aren't perfect. I haven't included crit or hit in the calculations for example, but it's interesting to notice just how much better Strength is than Spell Power now. These are just some base numbers to give a sense.

Calculating hit, expertise and crit is a different matter, because they all act as multipliers rather than sums.
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