Hammer of the Righteous... is it really worth it?

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Postby Dianora » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:58 am

Majiben wrote:
Zakkarai wrote:Same question as original poster, situational addition:

Is Hammer of the Righteous worth it at L70 for those of us with a T6-level spell power weapon, who haven't yet had the luck to secure a standard tanking weapon?

I passed Unbreakable Will to a rogue, of all things, back before the statistic priority changes were announced, and since then it seems like I can't get a single proper tanking drop at the same relative item level as my spellpower weapon.

If Hammer of the Righteous is relatively puny with my current spellpower weapon, can I skip it for the time being in the interest of other talents?
No you can't skip it because even with a gimp spell damage weapon it's more TPS and DPS becuase you will have nothing else to press during the down time. Paladins will no longer have large amounts of down time with our tanking rotation. Also remember that it does 4 times the dps shown on your character page's melee sheet not just the dps of the weapon.

More importantly between 3.0.2 and WotLK, if your guild still want to finish off that last batch of Raid (I know my guild still would like to see more than 1 boss in Sunwell), you might need to get that tanking weapon with the conversion of Anticipation from Defense to Dodge. You might not have enough Defense to stay uncritable.
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