10m vs 25m dungeons in WotLK - tell us about it, pls:)

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Postby Amarant_Pally » Sat Oct 11, 2008 4:54 am

Keion wrote:
Knaughty wrote:10-man raid design can't assume that any particular class, buff or debuff is present.

They did it in BC.

Pre-curator trash assumes at least some of your dpsers are physical. I did Kara once with no physical dps at all, this part was horrible.

Horrible, but certainly not required. ;)

Keion wrote:Surely you do not need a protection paladin for Jan'Alai if your group is overgeared, but Kara geared group will definitely need a protection paladin.

Talented Frost Mage = no need for a Paladin (and those "Frost Nova" engineering bombs help, too).

Keion wrote:Maiden of virtue if done by bluish geared raid (the raid she is designed for) requires a paladin(sacrifice) or druid(HoT) healer and tank who is not harmed by silence.

Never had a tank kite Maiden to the healers to break Repentance?
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Postby degre » Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:07 am

Sorry guys, but I feel like we're going way off track, and also I've seen some bad comparison talking about BC raiding. Remember that Kara drops the same gear as Gruul/Maggie as that is the same content.

Kara was meant to be the 10 men that would have geared you while you were getting ready 25 persons to do Maggie and Gruul, once able to do those you automatically moved onto more 25men content. There was no need to give you some more 10men waiting instance, you already had the 25 men.

Consider also that Kara was a pain in the ass back in the days as was not nerfed and there was no welfare gear available. An year ago Kara was not as easy as today :wink:

ZA was added later to give to all hard core/casual/late arrivals something to do. Was the new challenge for hard core (bear), a way to make the casual happy with giving them some accessible content, and for late arrivals the chance to gear up in some t5/6 equivalent to be accepted into raiding guilds.
The gear is more on par with T6 then T5... They have also covered here some equipment gaps.

WOTLK is not all of the above, they are starting from a clean slate, and they're thinking of a completely different progression.
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