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Postby Snake-Aes » Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:23 am

Rehlachs- wrote:
Sunstrider wrote:Yeah I wasn't comparing overall racials, just in relevance to mana return. Though overall I am happy with the racial changes, and the only racial envy I've ever had was Tauren Endurance, though they are taming that a tad.

if there will be any Troll Paladins, they could go crazy with their +1% critical strike chance with bows.
Dude, I'd totally roll a troll paladin.
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Postby Rehlachs- » Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:26 am

if we had been able to roll troll paladins, those fat humans&dwarfs wouldn't be jealous of our small hips.
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Postby Embher » Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:29 am

I have been on PTR.

Sanctuary is very powerful for tankadins- as much as Spiritcual attunement. I ran heroic bf. I got 50% of my mana from sanctuary and 50% from Spiritual attunement.

Sanctuary is getting bad rap though from alot of paladin tanks because it helps other tanks with their our threat sources. They claim it helps them more than us, but I do not agree. We only had Spiritual Attunement which makes us too dependent on timing of heals for source generation. Sanctuary solves that problem. Sanctuary makes a huge difference in oour source generation, it allows us to have limitless mana, where as before, we had to manage our mana alot more than other tanks, and it also makes other tanks have limitless rage. It makes us all equal on mana/rage/runic power generation.
We might even better off..

Think about it-2% base mana per dodge/block/parry. Every competent tankadin uses holy shield all the time. so 10% miss in our attack table-90% of the time we get 2% mana from each attack (dodged, blocked, parried). That is even more than warrior's attack table. With shield block (raises block to 100%) being 10s duration , 40s cd on PTR with talents, they can only gaurantee block from shield block 25% of the time.. OUtside that, their attack table is only from base character %s- roughly 40-60 % of dodge/parry, and 20 to 25% block depending on gear, and 10 to 15% miss but that doesnt count. AT most they are getting sanctuary to proc 60 to 80% of the time depending on gear. Their abilities cost about 5 to 15 rage, and they get about 10 rage each time, where we get 2% base mana and as you will see later, that is close in proportion to our spells/abilities.

Say you get hit from one npc every 2s- that's roughly 2% mana/2s~=0.9% mana/s

Each spell is roughly 1% per s.
Hammer of righteous -6%, 6cd=1%/s.
Holy shield--10%, 8-10scd=1%/s.
Judgment--5%, 8 or 10cd=0.5%/s.
Seal -14% , 120s=0.11%/s
=2.61% mana/s total

At level 80,
Shield of righteous -6%, 6cd=1%/s.

Spiritual attunement gives say 10% mana per dmged hp healed. A glyph in Patch 3/WotLK gives additional 2%. Sanctuary is giving 0.9% base mana/s, so to actually BREAK EVEn on these spells, judgement, SoV, Hammer, holy shield, at level 70, you can get 2.61-0.9=1.7% base mana/s from our old spiritual attunement. By the way, you can really just use judgement , Sov, and hammer to keep aggro on npcs.
(Total mana cons per second-contribution from sanctuary)*Base Mana=SA modifier*DMG in per second

Contribution from sanctuary is across all levels 70 to 80 is the same because it is based on % base mana, not a flat number.
but the rotation of spells changes it.

(0.017)*Base Mana=SA modifier*DMG in per second

At 70, Our base mana is roughly 3900 on PTR.
1.7% base mana is 66 mana.
66 mana=0.1*dmg in per second
660=dmg in per second assuming 10% SA, holy shield, judgement, hammer rotation at 70

With one npc at 2 s speed, that's 1320 per hit, but a prot paladin avoids (dodge/parry/miss) about 50 to 70% of that depending on gear.
So on average, one npc hittting every 2s, with us avoiding aobout 50% the time, means we can maintain mana levels with this judgement, hammer, holy shield rotation! With bigger dmg, we actually get more mana and waste on consecrations, etc. Though Hammer of righteous is our new consecration and costs way less mana.


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Postby Belloc » Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:47 am

Hand of Sacrifice alone should provide an off-tank with plenty of mana if its tooltip is correct (30% damage transfer). It's amazing how much of a non-issue mana is in WotLK.
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