Wotlk Leveling: Prot or Retri?

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Postby Revnger » Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:04 pm

Question for those of you who have ran Ret in Beta, or even leveled as it before.

I have a 5 piece T6 Prot set, and similar Holy Set. I specced Ret in PTR wearing Prot gear and went out to Isle of QD and just destroyed shit. Now, I am busily putting together a Ret set on live. I just started thinking though, how I didn't take any damage at all while killing mob after mob out there. Perhaps that had more to do with me wearing my Prot set than Ret spec.

So, question is, for soloing to 80, or perhaps duoing, is it smarter / safer / faster to wear all ret gear? SHould I go for a ret piece in every slot? or does having some of my T6 Prot pay some dividends? If I were raiding Ret, I know the awnser, but being I'm being hit by every mob that hits me, is the answer different? or am I just suck in tank mentality?
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Postby Dianora » Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:10 pm

Kelaan wrote:
PsiVen wrote:If you want to do a fair amount of instances, consider whether your tanking gear is good enough to do it as ret... go Ret for questing. It's much, much faster to kill individuals and the thin-respawn market of a new continent will be unfriendly to AoE grinders.

Crap. This means I need to l2p as ret, now. :( Figuring out where the heck to put my abilities will be Fun Times... ugh. :(

Make Sure you got Blessing of Might on yourself.
0. Queue up Seal of Command
1. HoJ or Repent your mob. Repentance now works on Humanoid, Demon, Dragonkin, Giant and Undead. Do this if the CD is up.
2. Judgement of Light
3. Crusader Strike
4. Divine Storm
5. Hammer of Wrath

Repeat and rinse. Recast Seal of Command as needed.
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Postby kylone » Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:40 am

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Re: Wotlk Leveling: Prot or Retri?

Postby Dianora » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:03 am

Whimsy wrote:Prot may be slower at questing, but it has the added advantage of being constantly in-demand for instance runs.

Running instances are a very good way of gaining fast XP, and the gear upgrades also have a big impact on your leveling speed.

So of you enjoy running instances (as I do), then don't worry so much about how fast prot will be in questing. We can easily make up the difference with instances.

Well, lets hope Beta server is not an indication of scarcity. There's more tank than healer, by a wide margin. Doing any instance is painful wait of trying to get healer. My 80 version (grind through prot) was constantly whispered by random people for healing in instance.

I'm on my 2nd pass of leveling now, using Ret (bought the Crusader Scaled set), and I can tank (sort of) in that spec. I'm also keeping up with the healing set.
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