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Postby Lemondish » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:03 pm

Extermi wrote:My take on that one is a bit different. First, independent on how many specs there are and what the cost or effort is to change, I do not want to. I play on a RP realm, my Paladin is a holy knight and does not in a few minutes become a plate healer or melee frenzy. I would expect blizzard to allow me to fill another role in the course of an evening, but I wont respec for it, just equip another weapon or gear pieces. Call me whatever you like but I dont play this for efficiency (I would have rerolled a warrior long ago if it wasnt for the RP aspect).

Second, on manareg, you must be kidding. If you over gear a place defense-wise, just swap in some healing or DPS plate, even of the same item level, and be fine - you make huge amounts of aggro and damage more than in your normal tank plate, have a larger mana pool (in case of healing plate), showing your DD folks what true aggro is. Every tank class can do this, so we can. Un-equipping pants or taking crap gear is an option only if you really did not collect DPS or healing gear, and that is really a bad option - sitting down or unequipping the shield is much better also stats-wise, if it really comes to this.

I truly believe the death knights have it worse, their aggro comes from runic energy and this is a constant for 5 mans and raids, really difficult to balance properly - while warriors, paladins and to some extent druids get to their full potential when taking lots of damage.


Wow are you serious?

I may be old fashioned but swapping gear out of your itemization base, taking off gear, or deliberately causing yourself to take mass amounts of damage are not suitable solutions to this issue.

It may be enough for you to simply deal with the issue that way, but just because you found a bandaid doesn't make the problem go away. Its my impression that as you gain in gear you gain in strength, so why are tanks the only class stuck in a rigid level where gear determines their capabilities not only for progression content, but content BEFORE that point. You should never be weaker at easier content because you have stronger gear.
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Postby Blutreich » Mon Aug 04, 2008 3:47 am

I agree we need something to help with mana starvation but it is to easy to either just copy warrior abilities or do something that will help minimally while tanking instances over geared, and still be OP when solo grinding.

how bout: when the paladin full blocks an incoming attack the attacker gains the mocked debuff increasing all threat generated on the mob from the paladin by 10%, or have it proc if 5 attacks in a row fail to cause damage (ie resist/avoid/full block)

this will not help us when soloing will do nothing but be funny in pvp and help with holding threat when on a mana conservative diet.

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Postby Gideon » Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:49 am

Sarkan-ZdC wrote:
Nich wrote:
Lore wrote:Spiritual Attunement + JoW scaling = winnar

Has anyone run some numbers to check average mana returned from JoW, in BC and in WotLK?

ie does JoW scaling make up for the 'can't proc more than once ever x seconds' component.

Sure, from the sticky:

Judgment of Wisdom - JoW: restores mana based on the Paladin’s attack power and spell power, the effect can not trigger more than once every 4 seconds. 50% chance to proc

Judgment of Wisdom proc: Mana gained = 9% * AP + 9% * SP

Interesting. Looks like I can strap on some extra dps gear if I'm getting mana starved. Warrior style.
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Postby Karock » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:14 am

this will not help us when soloing

Mind explaining why you think we don't need help while soloing?

In the end we will be the worst tanks (minus deathknight since i don't know enough about them) at threat management in content we outgear because we lack the tools to regen what we use to gain threat.

Druid can strap on more AP gear and bolster their already incredibly impressive offensive rage generation while warriors can equip an OH weapon losing relatively little in mitigation while gaining massive amounts of rage generation.

We can... put on cloth spellpower gear till we take as much damage as we would take in content we don't outgear? Even that won't solve your problem the majority of the time.

Honestly I'm resigned to being the worst at this, I simply don't want it to be impossible for me to generate mana offensively.
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