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Postby Questioner » Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:50 am

Jaedyn wrote:YOk more talent discussion:

Anyone currently in the Beta able to give signifigant feedback on Judgments of the Wise talent?

1) Does each person recieve mana = to 60% damage done?
2) If not, do you recieve the full 60% if you are solo, or 30% each with a partner?
3) Kinda doubt this, but if you are at a mana deficit less than the amount returned, does the leftover transfer over to the other people in the group?

IE I only need 10% to max out my mana pool, does the other person in my group then get up to 50% of the mana returned or is he capped at 20% (Or 30%)?

I'm sure this was posted SOMEWHERE but I couldn't find the specifics with the search function.

Nobody knows yet, because the group mana return function of JotW is broken and all mana is going to the paladin.
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