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Which Tanking Seal and which DPS Seal?

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Which Tanking Seal and which DPS Seal?

Postby Ferrix » Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:10 pm

Well from what I've been reading from the forums is, the dot from SoV is now applied on each attack, rather then only sometimes. SoR is also scaling with AP and Spell damage I think (can't remember exactly, but I've read it is scaling better then it currently does). In addition to that, even though HoTR does more damage with a slower, hard hitting weapon, blizzard has also stated they want all tanks to use the same gear basically, so because warriors tend to use fast 1handers with def stats, stam and hit/expertise, I think paladins will mainly be using the same thing.

This gives me the idea that seal weaving SoV with SoR or SoB will be best. The choice between SoR and SoB will depend on which one scales better, although I'm sorta leaning towards SoR being better for threat because of Seals of the Pure. SoB seems like it'll be used on content you outgear or where mana is a major issue, so the self damage inflicted will help with the mana issues.

With that in mind, this is the build I've decided I'll be using. ... 0155310321

With the buff to holy shield to 6 charges. I'm sorta wondering if imp holy shield is worth it, so I didn't take it. Also depending on whether judgments of the just effects bosses, the extra charges may never get used up while MTing. Divine Guardian seems more like a talent for offtanking, and I think if its needed, usually you can have a pally respec for it, but its not something you'll use every fight.
With all the new abilities, the reduced cooldown from imp judgments may not be needed, but if it is, the two points in Divine Strength can be moved around. I figure, if you're MTing, the build works perfectly. If you're AoE tanking, you can move the points in divine str and judgments of the just into guarded by the light and imp holy shield.

As for the DPS seal, I have no clue. With the numbers flying around on SoC, it seems like a good choice, except you need to factor in 2 things. For raiding, you'll never really do that much damage, because the boss won't be stunned, meaning JoC won't do double damage. But again, it comes down to which seal scales better. SoC scales with ap and spell damage in the beta, whereas SoB only scales with AP I think.
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Postby Belloc » Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:18 pm

Has this holy shield change been confirmed? It's certainly not in the beta yet.
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