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Postby Amarant_Pally » Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:27 pm

Yeah, I'm working on Illidan helm (2nd one dropped tonight, went to 2nd Warrior tank) and T6 Chest (Illy won't drop Conq. tokens!!!)

I recently got the neck (Darkener's Grasp) when we went to Kael for some vials, and I don't really see the RoS neck as being significantly better (my old neck was Kara one from Maiden, and the only real upgrade is from Brutallus, right?).

What rings would you suggest (as those are just 2 of the various I have; I keep some enchanted differently for extra threat on different fights)?

I have the 2.4 badge legs, but was keeping T6 legs for 4piece bonus (till I get chest). I suppose if I'm considering the option of using a mitigation weapon after a few rounds of portals, the 4piece bonus isn't too helpful anyway, though.

And yeah, alot of the failure I attribute to learning the encounter. Hell, I even locked out half the raid on the first pull, as we weren't aware of the lock-out (slight oversight on our part, and probably should have been expected, but we laughed it off). Subsequent attempt, I was the only one locked out because a Holy Pally pulled aggro (somehow) and everyone ran in while I was still eating.
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Re: Healers

Postby Kromix » Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:01 am

Palad wrote:How many Healers do u take to Kalecos?

We are using 9-10 atm. Starting to think that is to many.

How do u set up groups?

We are currently tring 4 groups of.

1 MT healer
2 Group Healer
3 Decursing
4 dps
5 dps

With 5th MT group

1 Pally
2 Warrior
3 Warrior
4 Healer tied to Warrior 2
5 Healer tied to Warrior 3

I'm trying to do the Arcane risist strat atm.

So I tank full time. If a MT healer is top side they heal me. group healers heal group. The 2 Warrior drops in first portal while the 3 Warrrior drops in 3rd portal with thier tied to healers.

Best we have got is 30/30. but i think this is due to failure to excecute but I can't be sure. Does this sound resonable?

For our first kill (yesterday), my guild brought in 9 healers (4 raid healers and 5 tank healers).

Groups were:

G1: 2 Rogues, 2 hunters (no decurser) w/ 1 raid healer
G2: 3 DPS (mage decurse) w/ 1 raid healer
G3: 3 DPS (boomkin decurse) w/ 1 raid healer
G4: 3 DPS (mage decurse) w/ 1 raid healer
G5: 3 tanks, 2 Tank healers
G6: 3 Tank healers

Basically, you have groups 1-4 going in a 4 group rotation based on the random ports. If someone in g5 or g6 gets ported you have to adjust and call out a group to go. The people in g5 and g6 have a different rotation:

1st portal: Tank 1 and Tank healer 1
2nd portal: Tank healer 2
3rd portal: Tank 2 and Tank healer 3
4th portal: Tank healer 4
5th portal: Tank 3 and Tank healer 5

This makes sure that there is always a tank healer with a tank, and then there is going to be overlap for extra healing. It requires a bit of communication over vent if you get a bad portal (g5 or g6 getting ported), but is fairly easy to recover from. Additionally, tanks taunt immedietly after changing realms, except for Tank 1 who waits till the second tank healer comes in for the second portal at the beginning of the fight.

I was tank 3, we had a warrior as tank 1 and a druid as tank 2. The only reason i was the last one to take the portal was because I was able to bubble out of the debuffs as soon as Tank 1 got out of the demon realm and taunted the dragon off me.

Here is a WWS of last night's endeavor if anyone is interested: http://wowwebstats.com/eoa2wajuqkeqa

And of the kill:
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Postby Amarant_Pally » Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:18 am

Well, my guild finally downed Kalec tonight, using the "Pally-tank" method! I was also 1 of 3 members to get our first bracers, woot! Been an uphill battle trying to get this to work; we had some very close attempts on our 3rd and 4th nights. Healers liked the method; it was the Warrior MT who kept pushing for a change, because he said it was "more fun" (and I was open to it, and admitted might be better). I even survived through the enrage!

Anyways, thanks for all the tips and information provided in this thread.
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Postby baghead » Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:21 pm

Any chance one of the guilds that use the single pally tank strat could post a wws link? (even if it's anonymized) (Ideally a wws as recorded by the pally tank)

We've had illy on farm for a little while, and archi for ages so 90% of the guild is in 5 pc t6, and most in 'best in slot' from MH/BT. So our gearing isn't too far from being viable for SWP. However, we're struggling a fair bit on this guy.

If the healing requirements weren't insane, being able to simplify the fight looks very attractive.

Many thanks in advance is someone has a WWS link available. Also, I'd be keen to know how much AR you were wearing. (ie. with cloak+enchant, trinket, neck and flask I can get 162 AR with 17.2k hp unbuffed.)

Given arcane buffet stacks every 8 secs or so, I'm just keen to get an idea of how much I'd be resisting.
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Postby Amarant_Pally » Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:09 am


First kill WWS: http://wowwebstats.com/6u5l2xtaftx5q

Second kill WWS: http://wowwebstats.com/roeeamzzols4m

(he's not "farm status" quite yet, so just select the report right above the first Brutallus attempt for the "kill-shot")

Resists were...iffy. Sometimes (as planned) I'd have 8-10 stacks around 60%, bubble and get them off. Quite rarely, however, I'd have 8-10 stacks around 70% and (given the length of the encounter) that wasn't favorable. Other times, we'd hit 60% on dragon and I'd have less than 7 stacks. I was running 160 AR fully buffed (Enchanted Adamantite Belt, Badge, Cloak+AR Enchant, and BE Racial).
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Postby baghead » Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:29 pm

cheers heaps for that amarant... Hmm.. so is your guild finding this a better way to down kalec than the normal rotating tank strat?

Does this strat let your shadow realm tanks gear more appropriately at all?

The reason I ask is that we're doing ok(ish) with the more usual rotating method but still haven't downed him. I'm trying to figure out whether this strat is worth suggesting or not. And whilst I can see that it would make the fight a little simpler, it still seems to incur a higher healing penalty on the pally using this strat.

Be keen to hear your thoughts
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