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Postby wantpizza » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:14 pm

So I'm kinda in the OP's boat...

I left Guild A where I was a Holy Paladin and joined rl friends in a pvp guild. I was tired and needed a break and something new. Respecced prot and started tanking heroics and pugged some kara raids.

Then Guild B picked me up. They were looking for a decently geared paladin tank and were looking to get into T5 content... BUT assholes got involved and GM quit to AOC and that guild died very fast.

So I was looking for a new guild... I applied back to Guild A (now in BT/MH), but also applied to another T6 guild(Guild C) that's more advanced. While I was looking around also spoke to an officer in yet another T6 guild(Guild D) and expressed my interest in joining.

But I've mostly made my choice.
I knew Guild A wouldn't refuse me, that was a safe application. I'd like to join Guild C since I like their attitude and my cousin raids with them, I don't mind sitting out for a bit if I'm undergeared for some of the material. I don't know much about Guild D and they are a non-entity now.

I say move guilds if you want... it may be the only way you can get into new content. If the new guild is more mature and better organised that's also a good thing, and you might make some new friends there.
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