When to switch to Tankadin build ? (+side-specc q)

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When to switch to Tankadin build ? (+side-specc q)

Postby gm_al » Mon May 21, 2007 7:14 am


I recently started to level a pala with the sole intent to make him our guilds future tankadin. We had some (old) experiences with tankadins but somehow no one ever had the will to really go for it. Maybe that had to do with harder levelling from 60 to 70... who knows...

Right now we have Karazhan on farming and do quite good with Prot Warrior and tank-built feral druid tanks there. But the guild is willing to add one Tankadin to the tank list and give him some support as well.

Here is my question. For levelling Im sticking to a ret build right now (Im only 27 but Im a fast learner) and gear is only secondary ofc. My original plan was to switch to a prot build when I would hit Outlands around 58, so that I can go for the prot-oriented quest rewards and learn to tank in all details as soon as possiible.

Which way should I go with speccing ?
1> stay Ret to 70 and respecc then (but get the prot gear along the way)
2> turn Prot earlier (level ?) and stick to it

I suppose as Prot specc Im bound to do as many quests as I can for XP, and less mob grinding. Or is it different ? Are there good tactics to level fast even with a solid Prot build ?

Im really eager to get into tank mode to learn the ropes, but I fear it might hinder my levelling too much. Help me out please :P

Second question: lets assume 41 points minimum spent in Prot tree - Im pondering where to put the other 20 points.
Especially the Tier1 Strenght buffs are tempting. I know STR only adds a little to block etc. (but every little helps doesnt it) but Im also considering using improved BoM from time to time (ie. easier trash) - is imp BoM and Divine Strenght worth a shot ? Plz consider it may also help me level and I will also do some grinding and maybe even some arena matches *gasp*
Improved SoR and Deflection also look like must-haves. But because Improved SoC and Improved Judgements look nice too Im tempted to go deeper into Ret to complement the tank build more. Im very unclear on Improved Ret Aura (right now I love it, but what Auras are used mostly during tanking ?)

To sum it uo Id like to hear how you all spent your points besides the Prot tree - and why :P

Thx in advance !
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Prot Vrs Ret early on

Postby Darthpaxis » Mon May 21, 2007 9:26 am

I am by far no expert on palies yet. But my first impression is to Go with what you ant to be in the End. I have swapped from ret to prot at level 25 and I am clipping along nicley taking on two and three mobs at a time. I am using a leveling guide and that may be helping but mobs still hit me so not sure. Best bet to me is do what you want to be in the end and learn all the tricks now not later. I have been playing tanks in MMORPGs for years and so far I am enjoying WoW Paly far more than I did WoW Warrior. Solo I can complete quest and grind EXP only thing I do not like so far is the lack of pulling tools so far. Hoping when i get Captian america shield talent life will be easier.
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Postby Thels » Mon May 21, 2007 2:46 pm

Every bit helps, yes, but say you have a base strength of 200. 5 (FIVE!) points in Divine Strength raises your Strength by 20, which raises your Block Value by 1 (ONE!).

So if (IF!) you block, you receive 1 less damage.

Yes, so worth the 5 talent points.
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