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Postby jere » Mon May 14, 2007 2:23 pm

I just joined a couple days ago. I am Jere of the Llane server (US). I am currently the paladin class officer of Fahrenheit and also long time protection spec'd paladin. I leveled 1-70 as prot (if you count the early levels) and started back when you had to spec into 15 minute BoSalv (though I only took 10mins to save a point). Of course those were the days of Seal of Fury and I had much fun tanking for guildies in everything from SM to Strat, Scholo, and UBRS.

I respec'd to holy for raiding at 60 to help out my guild as we were short a lot of healers, and healed and offtanked as a 31/20/0 as we progressed through ZG, MC, BWL, and AQ for about a year and a half (we started Naxx, but then TBC came out). I respec'd back to prot right before TBC and continued levelling to 70. I am now one of my guilds OT's and I am currently MT'ing much of Kara, but I still have a lot to learn.

Anyway, it is good to see a forum like this set up and I know it will be a great resource for everyone.
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Postby Promdates » Mon May 14, 2007 5:20 pm

Been here little over a month now, lots of reading, not so much posting on my behalf.

Names Promdates, I'm an officer and MT of my guild on the Turalyon (US) server. For a while we were short on tanks, so since I was the only paladin who leveled Prot from the get-go and who WANTED to tank, I quickly filled the void. When I was the only one who was constantly on running instances for gear, I ended up outgearing our warrior until recently. None have stepped up to want to be MT since I have the experience in doing it and know how.
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Postby Everlight » Mon May 14, 2007 6:47 pm

Already posted here a few times, guess I should introduce myself :)

I'm Everlight, author of Zen Tanking, and I reside on Proudmoore (I'm Australian). I'm a Karazhan MT for my guild (Southern Wardens), and my former main was a Mage (pre-TBC). I'm a terrible altaholic and currently have a 65 Mage, 61 Rogue, 60 Hunter, 46 Warlock, 46 Priest, 35 Shaman, and others below 30.

With Everlight, I've been deep Protection the whole run from 60 to 70, and have made all gear decisions looking at tanking. I've tanked every instance I've been in, and love it. Prior to TBC I was Retribution since Everlight was my Alterac Valley PVP fun alt. Now he's my main, he's been Protection all the way.

I'm a terminal theorycrafter, as anyone who's looked at my blog can see :)
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Eilistraee Lvl 65 Belfadin

Postby Eilistraee » Tue May 15, 2007 2:45 am

Hi all,

Really honoured to be part of this community.
I'm an aspiring tankadin, unofficial tank-in-training...
First toon to level past 60.. in fact first toon, ever!
Gathering pre-kara gear atm and a lot of what I know about tankadin mechanics I learnt from guides written by Gestalt and Joannadark.

Hope to eventually main tank for my guild on Thaurissan.
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Postby Aromas » Tue May 15, 2007 8:43 am

Hey everyone,

I'm Aromas, a 70 Paladin Tank from the Guild Reloaded on Frostmane. I'm an Officer, Raid Leader, Tank Coordinator, and a MT. My username is effed up because I didn't get a confirmation email sent to Just Aromas, so I appologize, haha.

Like Aergis, and Im sure many of you, I was tanking before it was cool, pre-BC, lol (Hurray for judement and a quel'serrar!) . I've tanked everything from MC,BWL,AQ40, Naxx, Onyxia, and all 4 of the world dragons, up to Mag today.

I'm really glad to see a Paladin Tank forums in action, since I'm sick of idling by reading all of the bullshit on the official forums. I'm looking foward to posting, and interacting with you all :)

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Postby Karathos » Sun May 20, 2007 10:48 am

Hey folks,
Thanks for a page away from the WoW forums!

I'm a the present designated Paladin MT in Pandemonium.
I've been the designated tank in our 5 man group from starting this character (I re-rolled from an Undead rogue for something completely different) And have been a variation of protection from level 10 to 70.

I'm currently at:
Level 70
Defense: 486
Dodge: 12.6%
Parry: 15.44%
Block: 12.72%

While I'm doing okay for 5mans, my current 'unfavorite fights' are fights where the bosses have loads of spell damage ... *twitch*

Thanks again for having us!
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Postby Rhastago » Sun May 20, 2007 11:21 pm

I guess I should introduce myself.. :p

I'm playing a Blood Elf "Tankadin" named Rhassy, My first char was an alliance Paladin however, named Rhastago - been playing since release, so I'm not all too new to the class. :p
After the promises we were showered on, pre-TBC, I became quite interested with tanking to say the least..
I was prot since day one on BE paladin, and geared myself for tanking whenever I had the chance.
By now, I think my gear is pretty nice for tanking, just a shame the class really isn't for where it matters :P (We're on vashj @SSC and loot reaver+astromancer down on TK)
And tbh, besides some places, I don't see a big use for us pallydans as tanks.
Well, I'm rambling far too much considering this is an opening post.
So I'll leave it at that!
I'll hope for some more nice discussions on the board. :p
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Postby Dunkan » Mon May 21, 2007 12:27 am


I am Dunkan and I live in New Zealand and play on the European server Aggramar. This means I play mornings, Game Time. I used to live in England, hence the reason why I have a European account.

I play two evenings a week (NZ time) and have a loose association of players which will be doing Kara runs when we are specced and ready. We call this "DayPuG" and hope to be clearing kara within a couple of months.

Until then, I am gearing up as carefully as i can!

Love this forum,

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Postby Saladin » Tue May 22, 2007 5:17 am


Saladin is my second "Main" so to speak.. I have a 70 priest that I raided on since MC and transferred off my original server to play with my guild.. However with 10 man raids I didnt get a chance to raid much and instead began playing on my paladin alt who was at the time 30~ or so and loving SoC >.< retnoob! ..

i started levelling him and noticed a problem finding decent tanks for lower level instances.. i found the imp right fury talent and put points into it.. i have been hardcore protection ever since..

currently lvl 70 on Thunderlord US server.. in a new guild after not being able to tank much and refusing to be a healbot in my old guild.. I am having a blast tanking heroics and plowing through regulars with 1 or NO cc >.< its great.. my 1hr tops SHattered halls and 40 min SV runs have patents pending =P

I have only been in kara twice as an OT .. but i know there will be plenty more to come

I want to thank the founders of this site.. I have learnt obscene amounts about tanking gear/strategies etc from you guys

WOOT made a sig! now you can all bask in the glory that is SALLY TANKING!
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Postby Novariety » Tue May 22, 2007 9:37 pm

Hey, already made a couple of posts but should introduce myself.

Been playing WoW since release. My 1st character created ironically was an alliance pally on Proudmoore which I lvl'ed to 45 before a grp of us decided to roll horde, where I have been ever since. My main was a mage up until a few weeks ago, which was a member of the most progressive raid on horde Proudmoore.

Was a little disheartened with the raid/guild due to emo etc, so I decided to transfer to my current server Aman'thul to play with mates and to try and enjoy the game once again.

Coming up to my 2nd week since hitting 70. Been tanking the lvl 70, 5 man instances since lvl 68 and have loved every minute of it. Still a ways to go in terms of being raid ready, but like to think of my pally as being my main. Atm I raid on my priest as we are in short supply of healers :(.

I am a terrible altaholic with 3 lvl 70's pally, priest and mage, 62 warrior, 60 hunter, 60 druid (alliance Proudmoore), 60 mage (PvP Barthilas), 52 shaman and a 39 twink rogue. Trying very hard to focus my efforts on my priest and pally :).

Anyways I am known to rabbit on a bit so best stop there :).
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Postby ulushnar » Mon May 28, 2007 7:12 am


My name's Paul, I'm 30 years old, Scottish and I'm the proud player of a Tankadin.

I got WoW in March 05 and I initially rolled a Hunter, which I levelled and raided with for two years. I got burned out from nuking and trapping earlier in the year and decided to try out the Draenei starting zone. Also my raid group was experiencing a lack of tanks and being an obstinate bastard, I decided to level a Prot-specced Pally.

I dinged 70 a fortnight ago. Since then, I've been busy working on my Heroic Attunements (three down, two to go) and helping in Kara (up to Shade of Aran at present).

I'm so glad I found this forum, I've been missing a friendly, helpful community of like-minded players since I stopped visiting TKASomething when I stopped playing my Hunter. I keep a blog of my meandering musings in the link in my signature (named after my Hunter).
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Postby Glam » Sun Jun 03, 2007 8:15 am

Hello Everyone,

I play Glam as my main on the Proudmore server. I played my pally as retribution to level 60 and then realized while instancing that I always seemed to die so I respecced to Protection. Been there ever since and loved the increased survivability. Then while raiding I really started to learn my class. Mostly as a healbot, but I was still specced mostly into Protection.
My first really great tanking success was when our raid team leader asked if I would like to tank one of the doorways of the Nefarian encounter a month or so before TBC came out. Of course I said "yes" as I drooled heavily at the prospect. So I respecced again and put points into Righteous Fury. After the fight was over, the raid leader commented that I had generated aggro greater than any 3 other members of the raid combined. Needless to say, I was hooked on tanking then.
At present, I'm currently showing my guild that pally tanks are viable. I have been tanking 5 mans (unfortunately no Heroics as yet) and have reached 490 defense. I'm not quite uncrushable as yet, but have been working quite hard at getting there. I would post my profile, but am at work at this time and unable to reach the website.
Last, I would like to thank those that have brought this website to the pally community. Excellent site for sharing information that I have been reading for a couple months now. Again, Thank You.
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Postby Klimpen » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:15 pm


I am Klimpen, from Korgath. I leveled 10-70 as Holy, got my name in as a good healer (MH Alt runs for DnT) before I quit WoW for 3-4months because of Finals. Now at 70, I've found that Tanking is far more fun than Healing (MH'ing Shattered Halls/Black Morass at 67-68 isn't much fun tbh), less stress imo. I'm currently slated at becomming Korgath's regular PuG MT (I've got a definite place for the Kara PuG's, tentitive for Gruul (PuG Clear) and SSC (PuG Lurker Down), even though I've got no Raid experience (apart from a PuG AQ40/MC on my way to 70). Tbh, I'm not finding any 'Anti-Tankadin' attitudes (though I have quit a few groups with trigger-happy PoM+Pyro mages who insist on pulling). I've yet to have any real trouble with Tanking, everything seems fairly easy and straightforward.

I've been having a few problems lately with gearing up, as I had a falling out with my old guild and ended up spending all my flyer gold on inane crap (think 'Chants and Cyber), and now am struggling to find the time needed to grind out 900G.

I try to be as knowledgeable about WoW Mechanics as I can, being able to make informed decisions is always useful. This is mostly the side that I'll share with everyone, as I do not feel qualified to speak of tanking strats at this time. I hope I enjoy my time here and I thank you in advance for your help.
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Postby Serrot » Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:03 am

Now that dense me knows that this forum is for introductions, I guess I should offer an introduction.

Hello all. I'm a lvl 70 Paladin in the New Moon Guild on the Scarlet Crusade (US) server. While I leveled up with a retn00b build, I recently switched over to a Prot build in the hopes of being more effective in running instances, and some day raids. I am somewhat new at this and have learned quite a bit from the posts on these forums. I just hate the official forums, so this place is a pleasant surprise. While I'll more likely learn more from all of you then you will learn from me, I will do my best to offer some words of wisdom where I can.

Thanks and hello!!

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Postby Phasek » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:01 am

Hello everyone,

I play Phasek, a Blood elf protection paladin on the Alexstrazsa server (central time). Before TBC, I played an orc shaman which I grinded to high warlord. I'm the guild leader of Onyx and currently acting as the main tank as well. Currently, we are still working on Karazhan, we've downed everything in there except for Nightbane and Netherspite. Nightbane is giving me headaches with all of the fearing, but I'm confident we'll figure it out soon. We're not as far as many of you, but our progress has been solid recently. We plan to start Gruul's lair in 2-3 weeks, which will be the first time that we'll finally be able to field 25 players.

I haven't posted anything elsewhere in these forums but I browsed them this morning. This is a great setup here, I'm very impressed with the people posting here in particular, it puts the official paladin forums to shame. Thank you for putting together what appears to be an excellent forum site. I look forward to being a bigger part of it in the days/weeks/months to come.
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