Blizzard Loses 600k Subscribers in 2 Months

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Re: Blizzard Loses 600k Subscribers in 2 Months

Postby Nooska » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:41 am

benebarba wrote:
Nooska wrote:I see one reason for requiring normal before heroic - it measn the raidgroups that can't go straight into heroics don't feel like they have to do it twoce (over the real heroic raiders doing it once).

However, differentiating the difficulties completely, also means normal is not a gearing up (actual gear as well as skill/practice) for heroics, and you could have a normal mode guild that did normal mode strict (in regards to world first race - I doubt anyone would feel it was credible if Method or paragon or one of those guilds went for the normal progresion first - also it would ruin the heroic schedule I'm assuming).
It would also allow for normal to be actual progression for a lot of people, whereas today its almost "well we gotta get through normal so we can start raiding for realzies" - if they felt heroic is the real place for them they could be told to go to a heroic guild.

That could leave Heroic for the hardcore, normal for the majority, and flex for the uneven/irregular sized freinds and family groups (and LFR for those that can't commit to a set raiding schedule).

It would also mean that heroics could be tuned fr having cleared previous tier heroic (and then be challenging), normals for having run previous tier normals, and be somewhat less challenging (than heroics relative to previous tier), flex to be another step down, and LFR to pretty much be what it is today.

Wait... current heroics *aren't* tuned for having cleared the previous tier's heroics?

Not really, no., they are tuned after having done previous tier heroics OR run through current tier normal (and expects current tier normal).
If you went straight for heroic as a heroic raiding guild, the ilvl difference could also be squashed, as T2 normal doesn't have to be equal or higher ilvl than T1 hc, as it is not expected for heroic raiders to run T2 normal, nor for T2 normal to have gone for T1 heroic (except maybe a bit) - worst case they could make T2N 1 or 2 ilvls higher than T1H, so the guilds that did normal and the got to do a little heroic didn't feel like progressing T2 was 'wrong'.

Also, while not said explicitly, I was looking at the "push back all raids 1 week from patch" suggestion.
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Re: Blizzard Loses 600k Subscribers in 2 Months

Postby halabar » Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:51 am

We need those numbers patches soon before the bonfires made from all the soapboxes here burn the joint down.
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Re: Blizzard Loses 600k Subscribers in 2 Months

Postby Thels » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:27 am

Keep in mind that there is a wide range of players. There aren't just group A who clears every raid instance on heroic, and group B who clears every raid instance on normal, and doesn't touch heroic bosses.

A lot of people progress slowly through normal content, and once they cleared the normal content, they try their hands at a couple of the heroic bosses. Guilds that manage to kill Lei Shen can certainly manage to kill HC Jin-Rokh, Ji-Kun and Iron Qon with a little more gear. If T15 heroic and T16 normal would have the same ilvl, it would mean that a lot of T16 normal gear would not be an upgrade to them.

Overall, I'm one of those people that loved Vanilla/TBC where there was a real server community, no queue system, no people server hopping, actual raid progression, raid attunements and what not. It made me feel like we had to adjust to the world around us, rather than the world around us adjusting to our every needs.

However, the cat's out of the box, and it's not possible to put it back in. I do however consider HC Scenarios and Flex Raiding a step back in the right direction.
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