A Memory of Light: Spoilers

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A Memory of Light: Spoilers

Postby Arnock » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:18 pm

So I just finished reading A Memory of Light today, and I'd have to say, Sanderson definitely did a good job with the ending.

A few initial thoughts:

The first half of the book was fairly slow, it felt like the end of a mass effect game, with Rand just wandering around, talking to people and trying to tie up loose ends, but once the great generals started failing, the book picked pack up.

I was honestly surprised at how many of the characters, such as Egwene, Gawyn, Siuan and Gareth died, when more of the minor characters, like Talmanes or Leilwin survived the last battle. Especially seeing as Jordan always made so many characters escape seemingly impossible odds, or even come back from the dead.

Egwene's death, especially, was very surprising, I figured that all four of the Emond's Fielders would have survived.

Although I liked the rather open ending, I wish that a few more of the loose ends were tied up, like how the Seanchan would deal with Sul'dam being able to channel.

I was mildly confused at the book's ending though. Did Rand and Moridin actually switch bodies? Or did Alivia disguise them both with the One Power?

Anyway, I know there are some other WoT fans hereabouts, what did you guys think?
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