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Re: Patch 5.1

Postby halabar » Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:35 am

Kelerei wrote:
Fenrìr wrote:So.......where does the Pandaria Emperor live?

Suppose it depends on your definition of "Pandaria Emperor". The pandaren haven't had an emperor since Shaohao at the time of the Great Sundering -- if you've done Lorewalkers, you'll know what that story is; if you haven't, I'm not going to spoil it. :wink:

As for Lei Shen (the mogu Thunder King), we haven't seen him since the Kun-Lai storyline. I guess he'll be a raid boss in the near future though...

Wait... isn't he the one standing on top of the hill surrounded in a cloud when you are doing the ShadowPan daily where you free some of the cloud serpents by riding them and then smacking them?
Amirya wrote:... because everyone needs a Catagonskin rug.

twinkfist wrote:i feel bad for the Mogu...having to deal with alcoholic bears.
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Re: Patch 5.1

Postby benebarba » Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:17 pm

Final Chapters, Alliance Side

For the horde side folks, I would recommend checking out the wowpedia page for these quests to see the actual in-game script. I included the ones that got the gist across, but there's some interesting tidbits in there depending on how much you want to read into it.

Though this did bring up an interesting question... what aspects of our abilities are 'canon'?

So I can resurrect people who've been turned into paste, eviscerated, frozen, and pretty much everything short of diving into the Maelstrom. I can heal myself or anyone else from death's door to full health (or pretty close). But yet you have NPCs in the lore dying, nearly dying, or being maimed because otherwise the story would lack a certain drama. WTF, mate? Is this like the princess bride where we really can only help people who are a little dead or mostly dead?

**** SPOILERS *****
With the Monkey King appeased, we were able to find the pieces of the mallet: one held by Ingoo Ingoo XVII, chieftain of Unga Ingoo, and the other by a Virmin in the Valley of the Four Winds. However, assembling the pieces alone was not enough: a special ointment was necessary to bless the weapon in order for it to counteract the Divine Bell. This ointment had paradoxically become the favored poison of a mogu assassin known only as The Blade.

Empowered by The Light, these foes fell before me, and the Monkey King reassembled the mallet. We had our weapon at last. But there was a catch: we only had enough ointment for one attempt and time was running short. A large body of Horde troops had already been seen moving toward northern Kun Lai, and there had been sporadic sightings of Kor'kron soldiers at the Emperor's Reach, beyond the mountains in the Mogu'Shan Vaults... and I had thought we had exorcised the evil from that place.

Anduin insisted that we leave at once, hoping we could disable the bell before its effects spread to far. I advised against such a rash action, as we'd only have one chance and we weren't entirely clear on what the mallet would do or when it should be used. But I'd seen the boy dash to the front for lesser tasks, so I was not surprised when Taylor pulled me aside hours later and told me that the mallet and the prince were missing.

My duty was clear: go protect my prince. Taylor wished me to stop Anduin, but in my heart I knew that I would stand with him to my last breath if it would prevent the chaos the bell promised. I could not promise that I would stop him.

Fennie flew me as fast as she could push her kite to go. As we rounded the last peak and approached the terrace, I could just make out a great bell at the center of the platform where I had helped slay the troll spiritbinder Garajal and his minions. Again, I would call upon The Light in a desperate fight in this terrible yet beautiful place.

As I crept toward the terrace, I made out the shape of the Prince. He must have heard my approach, and perhaps knew that I'd come, because he looked towards me with determined eyes and motioned me closer. He hoped he could talk sense into Hellscream, and I must have given away my doubts, as he hefted the mallet to indicate the alternative.

We could overhear Garrosh Hellscream bellowing to his assembled soldiers… orc soldiers:
"We are the HORDE. We are slaves to nothing and no one! With the Divine Bell, I will burn away any remnants of weakness within us. Fear... despair... hatred... doubt. The lesser races are buried beneath their weight. But WE will control their power." The fact that he spoke this with only orcs present did not escape me.
"Together, we will destroy the Alliance and claim what is rightfully ours. Let our song of victory begin, " he said, striking the bell with his mighty axe.

There was little sound - but a powerful wave could be seen spreading from the bell. The change was slow to come at first, but soon the platform had become covered in an unnatural black mist, the same indication of Sha influence I'd seen all over Pandaria. The mighty Kor'Kron surrounding Hellscream and Ishi faired better than the lesser orc soldiers who were immediately taken by the Sha. Soon, the lesser orcs had turned on one another, as the Kor'Kron held them back.

Garrosh screamed, "This is but a test of our strength. We will pass this trial, just as we have passed others!" and struck the bell again.

Anduin had stood up and shouted at Hellscream to stop. By this point the Kor'Kron had been taken, and had turned towards Anduin's voice. I called upon The Light and charged into their bulk. As I fought, I could hear Hellscream laugh and yell "So in the end, it is not Varian, but his whelp who comes to face me. You run bravely to your death, young one!". Out of the corner of my eye, I had seen that Anduin had approached the bell. before he'd made it across the platform, I had laid to rest the last possessed Kor'Kron soldier, just in time to hear Garrosh ring the bell one last time.

This time, it was the warrior Ishi who was taken by the Sha. Before he could attack the prince, I stepped into his path. The Sha twisted him, and he seemed to lose control: his mouth spoke, and his body attacked beyond his own power. He was like a man crazed as he fought. He dared Hellscream to answer if the Horde could survive another war. He asked how much more they would suffer before they could know peace. Hellscream promised that their suffering was at an end, that the Horde would prevail because they must. At some point, Ishi's anger broke his mind: and he asked of Hellscream why they must be slaves to honor and why they could not kill the children of the Alliance in their beds. It was now Hellscream's answer that shocked me: "Control your hatred, Ishi. There is killing, and then there is murder. Direct your rage to our enemies."

Finally, Ishi fell to the ground, bleeding and released by the Sha. As I stepped toward him, he looked to me and spoke: "At night, I see the faces of all those I have slain. Where do our spirits go after our bodies lay cold? I fear... death." His last words were to Hellscream, "I have failed you."

"Yes, Ishi. You have," was all Hellscream said. He then turned to me and finally locked onto Anduin and screamed: "You have cost me a great warrior this day. You shall pay with your life!"

In defiance, the prince jumped forward and rang the bell with the mallet. The change was fast in coming: a feeling of peace overtook the platform, washing away the taint of the Sha. The event was so stunning I hardly noticed the crack form in the bell. Hellscream became enraged. He dove toward the bell and Anduin, weapon raised. I tried to run bodily into Hellscream to protect the prince... but I was not fast enough. He landed and with a great blow crushed the bell and its carrier, trapping Anduin in the rubble. I had not seen if the blow hit the prince or the bell.

I had failed my prince. I could not protect him. With all of the power of The Light, I wasn't able to do my duty.

As I got back to my feet from the shock of the attack, Garrosh mounted a Wyvern and left me with my shame.

I ran to the rubble, and found the prince. His body was shattered, but he was still alive! My healing skills were barely enough to keep him from dying as we returned to Lion's Landing. Fennie was silent. Admiral Taylor was visibly affected by the events, but acknowledged that we had succeeded.

I had been praying next to the prince's bed when the king arrived with Jaina Proudmoore. I stood up, not looking at Proudmoore, and faced the king trying to muster the best bearing I could. He thanked me for my aid, and reassured me that we had won a mighty victory. His eyes indicated compassion, sadness and not a little anger. But that anger was not at me: it was leveled squarely at Garrosh Hellscream. The king dismissed me, and as I left I heard Proudmoore promise bloody retribution before storming out.
**** END SPOILERS *****
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Re: Patch 5.1

Postby Flex » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:22 pm

The double rep on alts is pretty awesome. 2 days of questing on my hunter and I'm 3K into honored.
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