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Transmogrification and stuff!

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Re: Transmogrification and stuff!

Postby Brute » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:15 pm

Klaudandus wrote:I think its pretty sad that many of the gear is so over the top in the latest expacs that they're utterly atrocious? I keep trying to come up with xmog sets and I keep going back to my old set

I agree, many of the tier sets are just... weird and ugly. I started doing BC raid for rep and discovered that Tier 6 paladin is really, really good looking. I finished it with the Cape of the Unworthy Wizard (PERFECT compliment to T6) and Armageddon (could be better but it's pretty cool in its own right) from Nax 25.

I was going to go T4, and I still may for prot gear, but the glove/helm token hasn't dropped yet from Kara. Amusingly enough, Gruul dropped both a 1h sword and the ALD for me at the same time that go great with each other and T4.
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Re: Transmogrification and stuff!

Postby Era » Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:54 pm

I do love the older sets, but there's been some good ones among the newer ones as well. For paladin, I particularly like heroic Firelands, heroic Dragon Soul and the challenge mode set. Don't think I'll change out of the CM set for a looooong while!
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