Luck of the Draw buffed.

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Re: Luck of the Draw buffed.

Postby Nemuria » Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:07 pm

I am leveling a new pally and not looking forward to tank Heroics. I lost any incentive since mid january.
A wave of the worst player just killed the fun.

With the 15% buff, I gave it a try. But no suprise. When a guildie asks for a run, I check if anybody else wants to come. To avoid being in a full PuG. This is from someone who regularly PuG since TBC and through half of LK.

Besides, all the boss require dumb tanking. Except maybe the Draconian in BRC and Ozruk. But once you got the dances, it's up to the DPS killing them fast enough. When the healer does his job, your HP bar doesn't even drop under 20%. I have been tanking with subpar spec, some ilevel 288-318, stamina gems and enchants...At least in LK (at the begining) you farmed Wrymrest, tried to get some trinket in normals and clever itemization. I am soloing LK 5-Heroics atm and boss still hiting hard. Now I see they sounded so easy only because we overgeared them quickly.

Cataclysm heroics are all about gimmicks. That's why most PuG fail. You never actually use all your toon potential.For new players it sounds OK, but seasonned one get quickly disappointed.
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Re: Luck of the Draw buffed.

Postby Hokahey » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:48 am

Cataclysm heroics are all about gimmicks. That's why most PuG fail. You never actually use all your toon potential.For new players it sounds OK, but seasonned one get quickly disappointed.

I'm not sure I follow. Gimmicks are what pretty much all boss fights are about, and its been that way since the beginning of WoW. The problem Wrath heroics had is that the gimmicks were often trivial to the point they could be ignored with little or no consequence, particularly after T8 filtered down through the ranks. Failing on gimmicks (even as an individual) is *supposed* to kill groups.

Cataclysm made the gimmicks for the new bosses less trivial, and some bosses will be a competence check on the group even after the group as a whole far exceeds the necessary gear requirements. In general, this is a good thing for those who want to actually play a game when they get to an instance, as opposed to "get JP/VP and move on".

When the next tier of content arrives, I predict you'll quickly see less need to attend to gimmicks against the current 5 man heroic bosses, as general average DPS gets higher, tank avoidance/mitigation/hp gets higher, and the average healer has more mana to work with. Failing at Heroic Ozruk's Ground Slam may well be an auto-kill until the final tier of this expansion, and perhaps beyond that, but I'm betting a lot of tanks will begin to ignore Shatter, and just tank with their back to the wall for the knockback. You could probably do that already, just with the 15% Luck of the Draw buff, but the viability of doing that depends a great deal on your healer.

If you aren't using "all your toon['s] potential", that's really about you as a player. You don't generally *need* to when fights aren't failing, but you can to make the fight go better. How often do DPS pop damage reducing cooldowns on Siamat in Tol'Vir, for instance? Yes, the fight doesn't explicitly require it, but it does make the healer's job substantially easier, and rarely costs anything significant for the DPS to use. How often do you taunt/stun the add someone is kiting to give them more time to kill it? Pop a WoG or LoH to keep the healer alive when they're subjected to a boss' damaging/ incapacitating ability, and can't heal themselves? How about simply moving a boss/mob 2 steps further away from fire/void zones/poison clouds/etc., just to let melee DPS have an easier time positioning?

While making someone else's job easier isn't *usually* an absolute necessity to succeed at an encounter, its what separates "good" tanks/healers/DPS from "adequate", and it is at the core of the definition of teamwork. Chances are, relatively few players in LFD will ever notice it, but those who do will appreciate the efforts.

Sorry, it seems I'm talky today.
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