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FFXIV Mining Guide

Postby Thalia » Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:19 pm

This is a rough draft of a "mining" guide I'm writing for when our FFXIV site is finished (guide still needs work and it's unpolished). Posting it here so I have somewhere to put it. Also hoping I can write other crafting guides in the future, though this is all beta information so stuff might change.



Mining in FFXIV is not your traditional "whack the mine" style of craft. It actually is a mini game in itself.

I set out to find out everything I could about this mini game, and how to "win" at it :P

1) Once you decide you want to dig for shiny things pick up what will transform you into a miner -- the miner's tool/weapon, Weathered Pick Axe.


2) Didn't start the game out as a miner? That's fine, you can buy a miner's weapon for 600 gil from:

P'ndolobo in Hawkers Alley (5,5) -- Limsa Lominsa


Nortmoen inside Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (Miners Guild) at (6,6) -- Ul'dah


Humphrey at Rosewood Stalls (4,8) -- Gridania

Pick up a Bronze Sledgehammer for 960 gil from the same vendors. This is the off-hand tool of a miner, and is also useful in the field because without it you cannot gather from "Quarry Nodes".


3) Equip your weapons and...get out of town! Go EXPLORE!!!

Find the nooks and crannies of the earth which hold the shining stars that signal you can quarry/mine them! Don't be scared to enter those tunnels, they are the only places you can find Quarry Nodes in.

Nodes will look like shining stars, don't confuse them though with other Discipline of the Land nodes. If it's in a tree or on the ground, you won't be able to mine from it.

Mining Node


Quarrying Node


4) See the little buttons on your actions bar? Those are your mining abilities. One of them is quite useful if you can't seem to find nodes:

"Lay of the Land" Ability helps guide you to mining/quarrying sources. It will tell you the general direction of places you can hit up.

Keep in mind that if you receive a message that a mine is a certain distance to the NORTH, it means North on your mini map, not north from where you are facing.

5) Once you find your shining mining star, it's not as simple as right-clicking on it to mine some precious ore and jewels.

Get close to the star and you will notice an "!" on your top screen; open your menu and select the option to begin mining.

IMPORTANT: You can only Mine while on Passive Mode, so if you can't figure out why you can't start hitting that mine, try checking what mode your are on.

6) Please remember, this is not FFXI or WoW. If some player beats you to a node, don't freak out on them. All nodes are instanced in FFXVI, which means regardless of weather you start hitting a node that another player is already on or vise versa, the amount of times you can mine from it will not be affected per individual.

Simplified, if the mine says you can gather from it 6 times, you will be able to gather from it 6 times even if Bob and Joe come and hit the mine too.

Mining Mini Game!

7) All set to start!

The first thing you will notice after you chose the mining option will be a sliding scale on your screen. This scale is called Exposed Ore. Essentially, this represents "what" area of the mine you will hit. Sliding the scale up or down determines (moves) the area you will be mining from on the node.


Each time you begin a fresh gather opportunity (remember you get a pre-set amount of chances to gather items from the mine) you will be able to slide the scale.

I tried many different variations of the slide position on the scale. Honestly, it didn't much affect what I gathered or my amount of success/failure to actually get the items out of the mine.

8) Once your Exposed Ore slider is set, the most important aspect which determines weather you are able to get anything out of the mine or not begins; Aim Target.

You will first see the Aim Target looking like this:


Below the target you will also see a Swing Gauge filled with light blue. This gauge represents that amount of swings you will be able to perform during a single gathering chance. The more the gauge is filled, the more swings you can take. On average I found that you get 3-5 swings.

At this time I am not sure what affects the gauge. I did notice though that if you get more "chances" to gather from the mine, your gauge seems to be less filled. And when you get less "chances" to gather form a mine the swing gauge seems to be fuller. I suppose it seems like it balances out.

The Aim Target works like a "hot and cold" game. Depending on where you stop it you will get messages indicating weather or not you are near an item, getting closer to or farther from an item, or on an item but can't get it out on the first swing.

Start the Aim Target. It begins by shrinking and growing an orange circle within it from the inner to the outer edges of the target. Stop it by clicking within the target once it moves upon the area you wish to hit.

After you stop it there will be a light blue shadow that represents where your last aim was. I find this blue shadow very useful during the times I get messages that are like "you're on something but you can't seem to get it out". This means I need to hit the mine at the same spot I previously landed at. I can use the blue shadow to guide my next stop on the Aim, once I restart it, to overlap the exact previous location in order to get my prize out.


You can begin wherever you like on the target, closer to the inside or outside. I prefer to start from the inside and work my way to the outer edge until I see a message that indicates if I'm getting closer or not to the ore.

9) Quarrying is a bit different from mining. Yes, a miner does both but when you find a Quarry point in a cave you will not play the mini game.

The unique thing about quarrying is that if you successfully quarry from a point, it will jump to a nearby location for the next gathering chance. It will never jump far from you so it's pretty simple.


I am not sure at this time what affects what type of items you get from mines. Back in FFXI moon cycles had a huge effect on getting rare ores and not breaking your tools. There are moon phases in FFXIV but I am not sure weather they affect mining as they did back in FFXI.

I am also not sure if having points in certain Elements will affect your results either. At this point it can only be speculation. But as I gather more information I will update this guide on our new site once it's ready.

There might also be other types of mines out there which I haven't found yet, though again, this is a work in progress.

Well have fun playing the Hot and Cold Mining Mini Game.
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Re: FFXIV Mining Guide

Postby Chunes » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:50 pm

Well written guide Thal.

I can validate her technique. "hot/cold game" is really the best description for the mining minigame. I had the best results generally letting my circular meter fill about a quarter radius of the entire meter then honing in from there at quarter radius increments. Once you get the knack for it you'll rarely not successfully harvest raw materials from the node.
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