Only want qualified opinions here, please.

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Only want qualified opinions here, please.

Postby Murderbaby » Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:38 pm

i just want feedback from those tanks who are in post karazhan raids regarding off-tanking. i understand this may not be the proper forum, so appologies up front. what i would like to see is:
1) describe typical off-tanking roles; common rotations of abilities to remain second on meter without danger of pulling threat yourself; any differences in gear or spec to make performance in this capacity more productive.
2) optimal encounters for paladins to off-tank. please only include 10 and 25 man raid encounters. walkthrough style format would be beneficial.
3) please no personal anecdote, or responses indicating personal ability. this thread isn't in the interest of what one player believes can be done, it is in the interest of learning how the function is performed, and how one might excel at it. (i.e., please refrain from comments such as: paladins aren't good for main/off-tanking nightbane because we run out of mana without receiving heals, and consecrate pulls too much threat>>> i don't know what you're talking about, because i main/offtanked nightbane just fine last infinitum).
4) please be constructive, and vigilant in keeping information and details factual and accurate.

once again, possibly the wrong forum, i'm new. i'd like to see this discussion kept productive, the more moderation, the better. please refrain from personal anecdote, and limit responses only to those actually tanking post karazhan (though posts should feel free to discuss off-tanking situations IN karazhan).

thanks again.

EDIT: stupid excel vs accel....
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Postby PsiVen » Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:54 pm

Spam every ability and stop doing stuff when you're passing the MT on KTM? Seriously though, stealing aggro as an offtank should never, ever be an issue. Extra spell damage, wizard oil, Judgement of the Crusader (with JoW from someone else), AS only when mana is high, downranking Consecration if near OOM. If all else fails, chug mana pots, beg for a mana tide or a shadow priest in your group.

The only bosses I can think of that require secondary threat building are Void Reaver & Gurtogg (where you take a decent amount of damage so should be okay on mana to spam everything with pots) and Gruul (stand in cave-ins whenever it's safe to and you'll have mana). If you use multiple tanks for Leotheras you could compete for aggro there too, but there's no real point since he should stick to whatever tank got the most crits picking him up after a whirlwind.
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Postby Oranniv » Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:39 pm

1) Typical off-tanking roles: Main duties include aggro control on multiple mobs in encounters like Morogrim and Al'ar. Use of high spelldamage gear and/or mitigation (including block value if possible) is recommended. For all other offtanking I use as high a stamina/armor set as possible with the majority of my spelldamage on my weapon.

Spell rotation is normally a judgement of righteousness, holy shield, and then a rotation of seals and judgements based off the individual encounter.

I was going to keep typing, but honestly if you read these forums you'll answer each question you listed, and it's subsequent question in a greater detail than an individual post will cover.
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