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Postby Brickhouse » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:49 am

great spot, with rested bonus (I was up to 150% - playing my death knight lately), I was pulling down OVER 1,000,000 XP rate per hour. Needless to say, I leveled from 72-74 in about 3 hours. Afterwards, and at 74, I was pulling down about 400k xp per hour, still very good.

however, horde side, since we cannot activate this quest event, it really kind of sucks waiting. I wait, on average 2 hours per session (I will only do this second session). So, when you do that math, horde side, it might not even be worth it =( Because you will be getting next to 0 exp while waiting.

At least you can read forums during this time. =)

I am on an overpopulated server (free transfers if I want, to another server), so I can imagine, on another less populated server, you could wait DAYS if you are horde for someone to start this quest. It is a little out of the way, and most people probably won't even do it.

As recommended, I pulled all my shields out of my bank (4), and 14 repair bots. Heck, that is enough to get to 78. =) But, 4 shields last about 3+ hours. Your sword will also just about break in this time.

I also didn't loot. It seems more of a hassle. Also, It cost me 52g to repair after first session (from the bot, which I think is a little more expensive).

I will at least get to 75..

EDIT: Ok got to 75. =) + 20%. I am pretty tired of this damn place.

Here is a little amendment for those interested:

For Alliance, surely it pwns.

However, for Horde is kind of sucks. You will end up WAITING on average 2 hours to get someone to activate the quest event. That means, when it starts, it is kind of stressful - as you don't want to mess it up (a few things can mess it up), and then you are back to square 1, waiting...Also, therefore, you can't take any real breaks. You basically have to go 2-3 hours at a time, because once you stop, you are back at the mercy of fate. I did two full, long sessions: from 72.5 -> 75.25 Not a bad haul for an afternoon, and really, was only in combat 4-5 hours, since I waited around another 3.5-4 hours.

The things that can cause the despawning are already mentioned.

As already mentioned, it's "value" goes down as you get higher. So, for example, at my peak (with rested bonus - ideal for such sessions), I was pulling down 1million + exp per hour. Unfortunately, that only lasted about 2 hours. Then, around 500k, 440k, and then around 400k at 75.

If I was alliance, it might still be worth it up to 78. For Horde, it probably is not.
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