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Postby Elcure » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:15 am

Though not much, we went to Kara without a hunter so they ask me to pull. Why not, i was the only one with good range spell. Got all the way to Netherspite. The warrior who was suppose to be on the first target to kill did find it very hard to pull thing out of me, so we swap, her being second target to kill. We shared the tanking duty depending on boss which i tend to do usually in Karazhan.

Weird raid composition, no hunter or rogue or warlock but dam we had good dps, Curator down while still in the second evocation while me tanking :)

No loot though but had a good previous run (Nightbane shield, Wrynn and Aran Shaulders).
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Postby corto » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:19 am

I am MT for my guild and we finally downed prince last night! (took 2 days of tries).Plus the T4 helm dropped and i won it!!
Was such a rush :)

Hopefully we can down gruul soon and will prove to everyone in my guild paladin tanks are here to stay
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Postby Sunstrider » Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:05 am

Hate to be spell check police but since its in such a big sig that clearly took some time to make, jaguor its spelled "Victim".
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Postby Sero » Wed Aug 22, 2007 12:45 pm

The last week has been a fest for me.

Tier 4 shoulders, Boots of Elusion, Nightbane Shield, Cloak from Illhoof.

Also downed Void Reaver and did tries on Magtheridon :)

But biggest of all; People sees me in org, and whispers me for heroic tanking. That is, above all, in my opinion the biggest thing for a tankadin. :)
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Postby stalkerzero » Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:58 pm

Twenty murlocs tanked in succession last night in Dustwallow Marsh.

I was being lazy and not judging Justice to keep them from running. About what seemed like two hours later I finally got done killing them all (after blowing a pot, BoP, Divine Protection, and Lay on Hands).

They rewarded me with a Riverpride Choker.

I can't believe how fun leveling is like this.
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Postby quoll » Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:06 pm

Happy tankadin

- Kara cleared upto Chess event (our "part one" par say)
- New bracers from Attune, how nice of him
- Ass pulling Cruator FTW!

But most of all, having one of the guild hunters whom had never seen me in action tell me afterwards "Seriously, excellent work, you looked smooth and in control".

Always makes me feel getting compliments :)
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Postby Sanguinius » Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:16 pm

Tanked more of kara, got into a guild who accepts me as a tank, and kicked a warriors ass in tanking moroes and romulo and julianne, got maiden gloves, wrynn dynasty, and shade tanking ring all in one night.



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Postby Destraal » Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:22 pm

Well, first night in Karazhan we downed Attumen and Maiden in 3 hours. We were all pretty new to Kara and I was the only tank. Last night we went in again for 3 hours and downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Opera(Oz) with me being the only tank in the group. What an awesome introduction to raiding for me. :P
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Postby elson » Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:45 pm

Cakes wrote:
elson wrote:
No longer with Virtue? Ah, I lost a pally friend. Best of luck to you man. May the tank loot overfloweth.

They had been raiding 5 days a week and I thought at most I was going to be doing 4 every now and then. I didn't really have too much of a problem with it seeing as I am disabled and had nothing else to do, but I also am engaged and getting married in about a month and a half. She's moving in then and yeah, no way in hell I'm raiding 5 days a week as a newly wed.

I wasn't really able to let a lot of people know before I switched too. Durotan was going to be down for two days for extended stuff and then the character transfers were going to get locked down for a few more days. I already had farmed all the mats to replace the resist gear virtue put on me so I made the choice to transfer earlier then I had intended in order to make it to my new guilds' first gruul attempt. All that combined with the earlier mentioned attitude just made the choice to go easier

Don't get me wrong, there are some great people in that guild. However, overall I felt that people were just stuck in their ways and didn't have an interest in learning what I could teach or allowing me to play to my full potential. The wedding came at a really good time imo, good reason to look somewhere else :) /endrant

Best of wishes to you and Midwinter on Ysera. You guys had been doing really well the last time I checked and I hope you keep it up.
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Postby Erutaron » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:12 pm

Been scanning the AH for a Crystlforged sword for months (since I started leveling my paladin again) lowest price I had seen was 250g which I wasn't willing to spend.

Searched it today, 35g :-D

So now I have 19 levels to go before I can use it.....motivation to level I guess :-)
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Postby Nimanth » Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:36 pm

A continuiance from an earlier post I made.

Night 2 in Kara..

So tonight we went to Aran and Illhoof, both were downed and I am so excited. My guild has always had trouble with Illhoof, and we tore him apart. Took a few tries, but we did it! I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this has become for me. We had only 1 tank after the first pull after Curator thru Illhoof and Aran, tanked both and both went down. We had 2 Pally healers and it was amazing. So yeah, sleepy, and rambling. Just very excited!
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Postby Anuji » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:22 am

Tanked the frst time in The Eye and Gruul's Lair..

Wasn't pretty much amused due to my bitchin' RL :(
Started with tankin all the adds on the Al'ar fight... after they couldn't find a place for me standing, i died 4 times due to be kicked in his freaking bomb -_-
after i found a place on my own, Al'ar died. Never got any respect for that, only a flame that i tossed a Adept's to push my spelldmg (had around 16k hp, which was enough for the adds -_-) and not a flask... (changed that after the second wipe after my GM said it to me.. not the RL......)

VR wasn't that good again... hadn't exactly 0 seconds aggro of him.. so i tossed about 4 Manapotions so i could spam Righteousness.. (think i had not enough spelldmg..., 220 unbuffed, and i couldn't toss adept's *GNARR!*, oil was in of course.)

Solarian was the better one.. i "tanked" her... wasn't really a problem, we fucked her up in a short amount of time.

Then into Gruul's, after i had taken 3 times Trash-aggro of off a warrior MT i got flamed... and had to tank the damn priest on the Maulgar fight.. first time a badass rogue stunned him, right after my Avenger's missed.. so i "lost" aggro, pushed wings, taunt and spammed and got him back... still no respect, but flames :(

On Gruul, i died after the Hurtfull-Strike OT died... have to say that i died exact 2 seconds before the damn mob fell.

So... mhh.. not really a success, but i have 80 DKP now! YEAH -_-
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Postby jaguor » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:18 am

Sunstrider wrote:Hate to be spell check police but since its in such a big sig that clearly took some time to make, jaguor its spelled "Victim".

yea i know. a friend of mine made that sig hehe. dun worry i know
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Postby Diocaska » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:49 am

Got my T4 shoulders last night (happened to be my worse show as a tankadin. Disconnected the second the pyro blast hit. Fortunately, I was on the priest, so a Rogue or something must have took control of the situation.

I hate winning loot when I feel I didn't deserve it.

Fortunately, I think I proved myself a little in a couple of earlier raids. Like when I was 2nd of threat for Gruul. (Read as not only ahead of melee, but ALL dps).

Kara tonight... I'm hoping I can really excel tonight.
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Postby Atreidies » Thu Aug 23, 2007 5:28 am

Well, another week come and gone, more people come and gone. Had to get some new recruits and get them attuned to BT/Hyjal and lo and behold Belt of the Guardian plans finally dropped so I picked them up and made myself one after waiting months for it. Biggest thing to brag about lately though, is I broke the 20k HP mark last night on Supremus as an OT as our druids were MIA. Not that it matters much, but I believe had my MS warrior counterpart had 5/5 talents in it he'd be giving me an extra 54hp =P

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Postby Baelor » Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:52 am

Void Reaver down, <Adaptation> guild first! Baelor, who has never ever tanked anything bigger than Prince Malchezaar, held aggro for the first 25%, the last 10-15%, and had aggro intermittently throughout the fight. All in all, I probably tanked Void Reaver for 50% of the fight. And that's without Improved Judgment, Deflection, Benediction, or 1-hand spec!


Passed on the t5 token though. I really don't like the shoulders, I feel like I'm better served by the Justicar ones. Unless someone has a compelling argument otherwise, I'll wait til the other rogues/paladins/shamans have t5 tokens to grab one. Was hoping for the piston or the bracers :x
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Postby Vanifae » Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:15 am

I got a Sun-Eater last night, pretty much the coolest sword in game.
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Postby Sabindeus » Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:50 am

Dear Lore,

I was just bustin your chops earlier. Good work on the moderation so far!


P.S. blood elves smell
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Postby Kitsuna » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:49 pm

Got my libram of repentance and eaglecrest warboots. Sitting at 11k unbuffed and still uncrushable. Here's hoping for some decent Kara drops- a bit more and I should be able to take down anything there.

Also, for those who read my sob story of Heroic Mech... Last two runs went much better... even with two or three mobs on me at a time. First run had a couple wipes, mostly due to the druid healer being unable to keep up with the destroyer's damage output. Run last night was pretty much flawless. Five total party deaths, three of which were on Neth- freaking RD bug! Finished her off with only myself up and the healer, DS and HoW for the win. Two other deaths were a mage that did not respect the 30% range rule. First time I've cleared a heroic without dying myself.

Now if I could just get some decent shoulders...
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Postby Lore » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:51 pm

Sabindeus wrote:blood elves smell cherries and bubblegum!
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Postby Warrender » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:00 pm

Sabindeus wrote:P.S. blood elves smell

Blood Elves are evil.

Proof: ... the-horde/
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Postby Lore » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:03 pm

Warrender wrote:
Sabindeus wrote:P.S. blood elves smell

Blood Elves are evil.

Proof: ... the-horde/

That's pretty freakin' epic.
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Postby Jensaarai » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:38 pm

Well, my guild finally downed Magtheridon Tuesday on our third try...I'd been on vacation for 2+ weeks so that was nice.

Then last night we killed Void Reaver on our third try again, hah. Hoping to continue the streak tonight in SSC with Tidewalker, hopefully, and/or Lurker. Murlocs here I come :twisted:
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Postby Vanifae » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:42 pm

That was an awesome comic.
This is why I'm a humorless feminist. Because rape jokes killed my sense of humor.
Minnerva wrote:if you act like a jerk then we push you away unless when born the girl got slapped around by her father.
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Postby Sanguinius » Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:28 pm

Well powers out here so im trolling to forums on my iphone. Got boots of elusion last night so once i get chants and such on everything i should sit around 12.5k unbuffed.

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