Best Tankadin Farming Spot Post 3.0.2?

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Postby phaqueue » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:29 am

I'll see if I can put together a good vid or map of my path... it all depends on if I"m paying attention enough to miss the patrolling gargoyles - but on runs when my timing is on (read - I'm not half-asleep) I can usually get through the entire gauntlet with a total of around 10-15 mobs killed - including the group of necros in front of Maleki...

I go from the start and run through to the baroness - if you time it right and get a good feel for your aggro range - you can get to her without pulling anything - but it takes good timing and a little luck - the most you should ever have to pull is 1-2 mobs there.
From there you head towards Maleki - you should have to pull one group on the side of a doorway - I usually just pull the necros and make sure to kill them first - then you have the group in front of Maleki and the boss himself - if you're prot - you can easily pull the mobs with the boss... the mobs have a mana drain - but if you pay attention - you can cleanse it and you will resist most of them anyways
After killing maleki - you will have to pull another group near a doorway - again your choice which one - but I'm pretty sure I always pull the necros there as well.
From there - head through the bug trap towards the spider (can't remember his name) if you time it right - you can get to him without pulling anything else - if you're worried about him running away - save your ranged stuff and try to freedom out of his snares - you shouldn't have a problem with him pulling extra groups - I never have.
After that - it's on past the fountain to the final pulls. Grab the magistrate - and pull him back into his corner to avoid the pathing gargoyles, then when the gates open - it's business as usual

My prot pally roommate is in full T6 with some sunwell gear... he can pull the entire room at once - in my crappy ret gear (1 piece t6 and mostly SSC and below) I can pull about 5 before I start getting even close to dying - and that's without blowing and CD's - could probably pick up more with some CD's or some prot gear

hope this helps - I may have missed a pull or two - trying to do it from memory since I'm at work. Basically - just stay aware of your surroundings - and try to get a feel for your aggro range -and you'll do fine with pulling minimal mobs.

I think when I have some time - I may pull in some prot gear so I can pull more and get more runecloth - since I need rep with the major cities for mounts...
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