Yay my first big break in WoW.

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Yay my first big break in WoW.

Postby VikrumthePally » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:28 am

It started out me and my group were mind numbingly destroying heroics when the mage shot off the best firework I had ever seen.

This http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34850

I thought that was pretty cool and said in group "holy crap those are amazing, soon as we are done here I am going and spending a couple K gold on all of those I can get.

So as the instance ended we had the mage port us to Orgrimmar and we all raced to get some of those fireworks. Then I said to myself we need to do this in a closed in area for a big effect, then my wife said no lets do this outside the main entrance to Orgrimmar so that we can see them shoot high into the sky. I said heck no woman we do what I want around around here, so anyhow there we were the 5 of us standing outside the main entrance to Orgrimmar. :shock:

We each had 20 and we shot them off all at once and thought it was the most amazing thing we'd ever seen. So I was like bigger, so we all got 40 and went into the main bank to do it. It was much better there because it was all confined again I cried bigger. So we did it in the AH. But this time we noticed a ton of people stopping and watching. So I did something I have never done. I went to the /yell

Anyhow basically just said everyone go to the vendor buy a ton and then come to the AH we are going to break WoW. About 15 minutes later we were all finally in there. The reason it took so long is because the idea went nuts. You couldn't even see the vendor there were so many people standing on top of him. Even if you could manage to get the vendor clicked you couldn't buy any of the fireworks due to "this object is busy."

So there we were all of us (my 4 friends) and a ton of Kael'thas people standing in the AH stocked loaded with about 80 of these. And this happened...


Now you have to understand this guy's video isn't horribad. It's because this AH fun brought everyone's machines down to 2-3 fps. I have a cpu that normally runs around 55-60 fps and I got down to 6 at one point.

I have rambled on long enough. If you stick it out to the end of the video you can see credit where credit is due. Ton of fun. 4 rounds of these including the first one outside Org, the bank, the AH part 1, the AH part 2 (video), and then people continued doing this for hours after we had left lol.

I would have to say this about the funnest thing i've done that didn't involve actually playing since leaving original EQ several years ago. This is a memory.
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