Hi there, I'm Eszter.

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Hi there, I'm Eszter.

Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:26 pm

Hi there, I'm Eszter.

I'm from Hungary and I want to level a char to have it ready by the time WotLK hits. I've decided that it should be a paladin, seeing as I've already experimented a lot with dps and healer chars and now I'd like to try my hand at tanking. There are many problems with that though and I also have lots of thoughts on this whole topic. Maybe this won't make sense to you at all, maybe it will – you're not forced to read this, since it may turn out to be quite a bit emotional. I study literature, I'm like that.

My first problem is that although I do own two level 70 chars (a balance druid and a mage respectively), I can't seem to get any other alts past their 1-20 zones. I simply lose all the inspiration. I'm probably too focused on endgame and I already make plans for them, like how my big, buff, full epic tankadin will start karazhan as soon as she hits 70! Stuff like that. But this always disappears at around 22-26. I don't know why, I probably haven't got enough willpower, which is weird, seeing as I leveled a balance druid to 70 and farmed karazhan, gruul's and magtheridon's lair, parts of zul'aman and tempest keep with her (though I didn't get too much gear) and also farmed more than 300-350 badges of justice with her, which I consider quite an accomplishment seeing as I'm not a cookie cutter dps class with CC. :) If you wish, you can look her up on the (european) armory, she's Amirra from the Quel'Thalas realm (Wrath of Hungary guild).

So yes, I also read that paladins don't quite speed up leveling, which makes me worried. I've already had two pallies which I deleted right after they left ghostlands (yes yes, I care for aesthetics, they've been belves :C). But still, right now, I sooo desperately want to have a paladin! Tanking seems like really fun, and I guess I could manage it, perhaps not in a raid environment but in 5 (or perhaps 10)mans for sure. And I'm mostly interested in WotLK as mentioned before, because I somehow have a feeling that paladins will play an important role in the expansion (probably because I'm a lore freak :I).

Another thing is that I'm quite a completionist. Which means (be prepared, this may be too much for your souls) I do mostly every quest I find, starting from finishing all 4 starting zones (oh yes) to even doing only gray quests for days. I'm like that. And since I'm focused on the expansion pack right now, I really want to experience the pre-BC era of WoW, as in doing all available quests in Stratholme/Scholomance/Dire Maul, raiding Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire, perhaps even Molten Core and Zul'Gurub, getting attuned to various higher level raids, grinding reputation with old factions, and so on. I hope there are people like me out there!

Back to topic (well is there a topic at all? I'm not sure!) I love the word „Protection”. Makes me feel so warm inside! Perhaps I'm really old-fashioned but I always thought guys ought to make a girl feel like they are protected by them. :P Now I've had so many nice tank acquaintances, I thought it'd be time for me to become a tank too and help out people, seeing as there is such a tank shortage nowadays. And also, protecting people sounds really good for someone as roleplayer-ish as me. Though I'm not really focused on this yet, but I guess if I could make it happen and bring a paladin to 70 (well actually 80), I may as well get easier raiding spots as a tank, seeing as WotLK will make raiding much more casual-friendly. :) But yes, that doesn't matter too much right now.

I've always had a thing for magic-using classes. I mentioned already that I own a mage and a balance druid, and I simply love them! Spell damage is something beautiful, the spell graphics area astounding and well, the damage output isn't something to frown upon either. :P I thought a paladin could be something that would help me stick with an alt in this matter, because they use lots of magic too after all! Especially protection ones, tanking through magic is just pure win. ^-^ Although I guess this may have a negative effect on me too, maybe I'd tank instances, see nice caster robes drop and start drooling, knowing that I'll never get them... Well who cares, let's get to 70-80 first, I guess. And I still have my caster chars to level too.

Now I've actually copied a paladin to the test realms to check the class out at 70. I thought maybe that could inspire me to become one too! Hopefully they aren't giving us Vengeful Gladiator's sets there, because that would totally ruin tanking dreams, I suppose. Oh well. Maybe I could wait with the creation of this char until some information pours out about new paladin spells and talents? Perhaps those would inspire me even more! Who knows? :)

Talking about inspiration, Invisusira (hi!) and my dear friend Cactaceae from Quel'Thalas, both protection paladins have been the ones to turn my attention towards paladins. They are simply amazing at what they do and add to that they are just as chatty as I am, plus also quite funneh. ^-^

Yus-yus, I'm such a chatty girl. Which brings me to another problem. I'm thinking I may have given up on lots of my other alts because I've always leveled them alone, without a guild... and pushing through Elwynn, Dun Morogh, Azuremyst Isle and Teldrassil for the 4525325th time is not quite amusing. Wish I could give up my completionism! (does that word exist at all? Sorry dear English-speakers!) So, you see, my main character, my druid is an Alliance-affiliated one, but Belves are Horde. That way I'd have to start anew somewhere, which means I won't have any friends nor a guild. Quite sad. :C Perhaps if someone has been such a kind soul to read this far, they may as well have ideas on where to reroll? Like, specific realms with welcoming guilds, maybe role-playing ones (though I like the lore, I've always been afraid of RP realms, but I guess I could give them a try now). Perhaps there are guilds out there recruiting tankadins for WotLK! :P Just joking, let's get to 70 first... Or maybe I could just search for another Hungarian guild somewhere. Any of you know of one? :P

All in all, I'm not too good at healing and I do mediocre dps (not quite up for spending the summer with more heroic runs to get everything for Amirra and raiding doesn't seem to be an option right now :P). So tanking remains! I got lots of time on my hands during the summer when I'm not reading or going out with my friends, so I may as well roll an alt. I know, I just repeated myself. Who cares. :P I doubt anyone will read all of this.

I actually probably wrote this because I'm that much of a literary type and writing has a healing effect on my soul. So don't read this if you don't find it interesting or would only troll/flame me afterwards. But if you feel like it, go ahead and post something nice and encouraging. :) I'm not quite myself what I'm expecting from this thread, but it certainly felt good to materialize my thoughts.

Thank you for reading and posting if you did, that obviously means you're a kind soul and a good human. Somebody who I'd like to become similar to. :P Love you all tankadins, thanks for all the heroic runs you've made trivial for me! Hope I can join your ranks and help others too!

Peace and Love, Eszter. <3

PS: I haven't quite re-read what I wrote, sorry if it's really chaotic (which I suspect it is :P).
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Postby Taeron » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:48 pm

I liked this wall of text. I liked it because in some ways it's very similar to my play style. I don't own alts however, but being a completionist is something I can paifully relate to. It's a blessing in disguise of a horrible curse but I can't imagine me playing any game any other way.

It started in single player games and stayed with me until now. I had to do everything. Finish every quest, fill up every reputation bar (I'm at around 26 now I think, too bad I don't raid), explore every corner of the map, build up all skills. It helped not having alts as I am a paladin whore from the start. Years ago, when I first stepped into the fantasy worlds I picked a paladin and I never played any other class - from Ultima saga to Baldur's Gate through Diablo, Everquest 2 and finally into WoW. I simply love it. And that is why I am saddned every time Blizzard so brutally walks over us.

Anyway, you decided to play a paladin tank. I hope you sucking (sorry, hehe) at dps and healing isn't the only reason you want to pick up tanking. It's a demanding, ruthless but an incredibly satisfying job. You pick up a cruicial role that is not only the backbone of every group and raid, but a responsibility. You don't show up and they might as well reschedule. You slack, they die. You don't give it your max, they die. Tank is probably the only role that does not allow you to be cheap (best gear, best gems, best enchants only), lazy (pots & flasks for everything) or clueless (you need to know your class, your macros, your rotation and you need to be quick at everything you do). It can be stressful, but a successful run feels that much sweeter.

In any case, if you feel that you might try tanking with a paladin because it sounds something you'd love doing, then by all means, stick with the leveling and you'll have tons of fun at level 70 (and hopefully even more at level 80). When I felt a bit down, I did another thing that we have in common - I turned to my idols... well, idol. Invisusira is top. I just google some of those impressive tanking movies and restore my faith and motivation. The rest is done by reading these forums. They keep me up to date and filled with all the info I needed to better myself whenever possible.

By picking up a paladin tank you won't just set yourself on a path of incredible experiences. You will enter a world that is so special, you will either fall in love with it immediatelly or hate it for the rest of your life. If it will be the former, then trust me, you will never want to try anything else.

Good luck.

Should you stroll by the EU Argent Dawn, say hello. As a tankadin from your neighbour country of Slovenia, I'd love to hear how this new challenge turned out for you.
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Postby Jobalq » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:52 pm

Hi Eszter,

First of all, welcome to the boards i hope you find all the information you need to start your new Paladin too.

I was in the same situation as you. I started being a Ally side Hunter who only got to lvl 48. After that some RL friends and myself rerolled on the Horde side and i decided to create a Priest which quickly became my main character he got level 70 and started working on Kara pugs so i started gearing up.
Since the guild was not that big i started making alt after alt but i could got them past level 40.
So i decided to try the other side of the group and roll a Paladin Tank, so i always say that im Protection since level one because that was the idea from the begining. And that was the difference between my Paladin and my other alts, the Paladin had a purpose like my priest had. I wanted to be the first on the line to get the beating and help my group achieve the goals we were aiming at. The first 35 levels were kind of slow but as soon as you get the top tier talents and some gear you can start taking more and more mobs at the same time and leaves a great feeling when you see 4-8 mobs on the floor and you at full health and mana.

The message here is that you must try to level your Paladin you will make tons of friends on the way to 70 and it will be really fun just by testing your own limits.

Hope this helps and again welcome to the Tankadin community.


Edit: Forgot to say Wall of Text HEALS you for 3569879529797978 89 :lol: some long posts are really nice to read like yours keep them coming.
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Postby Worldie » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:56 pm

That was a big wall of text :)

Altho i got nothing to add to the above posters, welcome and good luck leveling :)
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Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:56 pm

Hi there Taeron!

Thanks so much for your constructive post (and warm wishes to you from Hungary :) )! It feels really good to know that there are people like me out there and also ones who are willing to help out and encourage others. You really made me feel better, I'm thankful.

I'm still a bit torn between rerolling or not, mainly because of the fear of failing at it again. Would be quite depressing if it happened. But what you said about the "Tanking Job" is something I've already read a lot about. I think me becoming a full-time tank would also help me become a somehow better and more disciplined person. I've always tried to come prepared to raids, but seeing as I own a not-so-popular dps class, it often happened that the guild didn't want me for that raid, which I can understand. So there was no pressure on me, I felt quite relaxed and I also wasn't responsible for anything. I'm sure this would change if I started tanking, and quite honestly, I feel like I'm up for the task.

Well anyways, I'm glad someone replied. :) I hope I can keep this feeling and become a tankadin.

Peace and Love, Eszter <3
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Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:59 pm

Hi there again!

Seems like I'm quite slow at replying. :P

Thank you for the responses beloved tankadins! It warms my heart to know that people out there share my feelings and want to encourage me. :) I really hope I won't "disappoint" this community, if you know what I mean!

Peace and Love, Eszter <3
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Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:36 pm

Well hello again for the third time!

Thanks again for all the encouragement. :) I do have one last question to ask, or problem if you wish. I know this probably won't be something the most of you could help with, seeing as I'm from Europe, but I've absolutely no idea where to reroll. Any thoughts? I tried to look up some Hungarian guilds, yet surprisingly most of them are raiding Black Temple and Hyjal, which means they'd probably not take my recruitment post seriously. :) So if any of you knows of another Hungarian guild (which I doubt :P) or simply plays in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, please, please let me know! <3

Love and Peace, Eszter <3
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Postby ulrichter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:02 pm

I too reside on Quel thalas and can recommend horde side very highly. Feel free to look me up in game if need be. Good luck levelling, I did 1-60 in a fortnight on my hunter. As for pallies aoe prot would be where I'd go second time round. Afterall, its what we are designed for.
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Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:11 pm

Hi there Ulrichter!

Thanks very much for the recommendation, I'll consider it. :) I'm just not sure that playing on the same realm would have any uses, maybe a fresh start would have more benefits. No idea, I'll have to think about this!

If somebody still has some sort of advice regarding my issue or just want to encourage or share your success story, please feel free to post! :)

Peace and Love, Eszter <3
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Postby Peryl » Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:27 pm

Eszter wrote:Hi there again!

Seems like I'm quite slow at replying. :P

Thank you for the responses beloved tankadins! It warms my heart to know that people out there share my feelings and want to encourage me. :) I really hope I won't "disappoint" this community, if you know what I mean!

Peace and Love, Eszter <3

Hello and Welcome! There's a lot going on in your post so a couple points here.

You mention you have an issue to re-roll alts but still want a pally. By all means if you want one, re-roll one. But if you want to see if you like tanking you could try it on your druid first. Re-spec to Feral and study up a bit. Grab some gear off the AH, do some normal 70 instances, see how you like it. Of course, a tanking pally is much different than a big bear, but you would get some idea of tanking.

For leveling, don't go 1~40 as "protection". It's going to be incredibly slow and frustrating as you won't have many of the talents you need to tank well and the low level instances don't require a true tank. Go 1~42 as ret, then re-spec to prot at 42 to get improved Holy Shield and off you go. There's plenty of time to tank and get exp between 42 and 70. As ret, you'll be able to quest much easier at the lower levels.

As for finding a good guild, well I haven't had much luck there. My original guild was fun and informal but it died out. I think you just have to keep looking, as I am. Check some of the forum posts and realm posts and look for family/leveling guilds. If someone puts a lot of care into their posts and you like what they have to say, it's probably a pretty good guild to try and join for a re-roll.

And one last thing---don't forget to have fun!

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Postby Eszter » Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:35 pm

Hi there Peryl!

Now I'd really love to go up to you and give you a big hug! :D Thank you for your post, it was really nice to read! I always knew you friendly tankadins didn't roll paladins because they are cool or sexy (obviously they are, but that's beside the point) - you also want to help out people, just like me right now. :)

I think I've made sure that I want to roll a pally now, the only issue remains the place/realm/guild. Oh well, I'll keep looking. :) Keep the nice, constructive posts coming, please!

Love and Peace, Eszter <3

PS: Oh and good night, Eszter is going to bed. See you all tomorrow! :)
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Postby Invisusira » Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:15 pm

oh hai

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Postby guillex » Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:18 pm

Invisusira wrote:oh hai


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Postby Wyleai » Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:03 pm

Peryl wrote:You mention you have an issue to re-roll alts but still want a pally. By all means if you want one, re-roll one. But if you want to see if you like tanking you could try it on your druid first. Re-spec to Feral and study up a bit. Grab some gear off the AH, do some normal 70 instances, see how you like it. Of course, a tanking pally is much different than a big bear, but you would get some idea of tanking.

Druid tanking is very different from paladin tanking though.

I have two 70s, the other one is a druid. Everytime I was forced to tank on her I hated it. Very boring stuff - you have only a few buttons you need to pay attention too, most of them on long cooldowns, and you always click the same ones everytime the cooldown comes up.

A druid tank could get by with a UI that had growl, swipe, and the one that generates more aggression as three giant buttons taking up 90% of their screen... just click 1, 2, and 3 and then cycle back. No real need to even see the screen.

Left my druid specc;d in resto.

Paladin tanking though is a lot of fun. Like the OP, I wanted a magical tank. I -HATE- blood elves. Heck, I hate elves in fantasy... In my opinion the worst thing to happen to modern fantasy was when Gary Gygax's playtesters convinced him to add in some Lord of the Rings elements to Dungeons and Dragons against his desires... Since that time, fantasy as a genre has been going downhill led all the way by pointy eared freaks.


Ok... rant aside... I made a BE paladin anyway, because they were just the only choice.

Paladins tanking is a -lot- of fun. But there are a lot of frustrations too. Get ready for dealing with players that insist on doing things they'd do with a warrior tank - CC'ing your mobs, pulling them away into traps, demanding you stop using consecrate, trying to race you to pulling first... etc... Get used to people picking a tanking based solely on the health stat, insisting the hunter pet can tank, trying to have a mage tank, running AWAY from you when they pull aggro, and in zig zaggy circles in and out of line of site... etc...

Then when you get to raiding, you'll be facing an army or warriors in worse gear and less play skill that try to insist you respect to holy or that you be their off tank, or just that you sit out raids. Get used to getting even fury and arms warriors thinking they should tank and not you... Get used to getting into 'taunting battles' with these people - where they taunt your mob away everytime the cooldown on their taunt is up...

Tanking is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. You have to be on top of your game, and you have to do a lot of people management. And invariably people will get mad at the calls you make.

WTF, why are you running back after pulling;
My pet can pull;
But I want to sap / freeze / sheep, stop AoE tanking;
Make me lead, I can mark;
Why do you keep putting skulls on the mobs?
But I want to Disenchant the plate helm, why should you get it;
(that one's from yesterday on my draenei pally btw - sig out of date)

Especially if you're female. This is a game with a lot of juvenile boys, and they have issues with women... And you're moving into the center spot, where, from their POV, women don't belong. Very few of them will say it, many of them will even believe they're not like that, but you'll be lucky to find any that aren't...

Back when I did ST on my BE paladin, I even got stuck in a taunting war with our holy paladin because well, "lolz, gurls don't tank, how come ur not holy?"


Several women gamers I know claim in game to be men, or play male toons, to avoid this problem.

I know I'm making it sound pretty bad. Honestly, if you enjoy tanking, you'll do it despite these things.

I leveled my first tankadin specc'd protection all the way. I'm doing it again on a draenei now. And the leveling is quite fast as protection, despite what some claim. If you have the knack for it, and appeals to you, it will go quickly.

I suggest tanking all the way up the levels, instance often. Learn how to do it, and learn some of the people management in those lower levels when the conduct of the other players is at its worst.
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Postby Eszter » Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:33 am

Hi there Wyleai!

Thanks for your post! :) Well I have to admit it, it was a bit frightening, but I've had experiences with the worst of PuGs and also witnessed my perma-paladin tank get through such horrible times. So in some ways I'm pretty sure I'm prepared. I also like the idea of this being a challenge; I've really been waiting for one. :) Hope it'll work out.

Apart from that, I've also often rolled male toons after my mage (first char) had been insulted by a couple of male gamers. Obviously I was quite noobish back then, I didn't know much about spell hit and was happy about my 700 +dmg! ^-^ But now I've put a lot of time and effort into getting to know my own class well and I think I can say that my druid turned out to be a great moonkin, capable of topping damage meters in raids. By the way, it's quite terrifying to realize just how many people don't know about various important mechanics of a class, for example spell hit and therefore they kind of make their class look bad. I hope I'll be able to avoid that on my tankadin.

Oh and hai2u Invisusira, keep the videos coming (I'm hoping for a "1 Paladin Tank, 4 Blood Elves - Illidari Council and one tank!" kind of video!)!

Peace and Love, Eszter <3

PS: Still a bit undecided about realms, so share your experiences/advices please! /whine :C
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