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Postby Naima » Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:24 pm

last night some friends and I got bored at like 3am or summat and wanted to run a heroic bot. Problem was, one friend was a prot warrior. Originally I was going to make him tank, and I was going to respec holy for the hell of it.

Instead, he logged onto a friend account (holy priest) and healed it, and boy did I run him through the ringer.

I continuously pulled several groups of botanists/channelers; and in Laj's room pulled all three packs (to which he said, those barely hit you. Healing you is boring).

but my favorite moment was pulling both 4 packs of demons before Thorngrin (you know, the ones that stun and whatnot). We had quite a few oh shit moments, but our group make up was fun for stuff like that =) 2 spriests, enhance shaman (dropping wrath of air), me, and a holy priest. hehe It was my mana returning dream!
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