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Bored Browser Games...

Postby Shyrtandros » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:00 pm

So.. I was sitting at home this weekend and decided I wasn't interested in logging into WoW because Season 10 had not been released... D2 seemed less interesting since I played it all evening the night before and xbox was out because netflix was playing for my hunny!

I decided to degress from my normal gaming down to playing BROWSER games.. I stumbled on a list of "best MMO / RPG browser games" and saw a few that I think most people may have played or heard about to include Runescape and some others.

I chose to restart playing a game I played about 5 years ago called "Renaissance Kingdoms" it's a turn based game where (at least as a NEW player) you start by eating once a day, working a job once a day and gaining reputation points through various options.. the game itself takes 5-20 minutes a day to "Keep up with" but has taverns and things for chatting with players and I've found it to be quite fun and figured if anyone wanted to kill some time they can sign up..

Since it's a turn based game you get X amount of actions your allowed to do in a 24 hour period like.. today I work in the mines, eat some bread, hire someone to plow my field and talk in the tavern so theres no way to spend HOURS on the game in order to "Progress yourself" you just have to "plan" your turn uses.

If anyone is interested here is a URL

My name is Brandon7221 in the game so you can put down that you know me or w/e - you can choose to live in different countries and then it will pick a city for you. (I don't believe there is any kind of refer-a-friend bonus but I have no idea.. only been playing it again for a few days.
"Warning: AA posts may cause severe urges to buy or rent games you may not have been interested in, known about or would normally consider playing. If you experience sudden urges to purchase said games please consult your wallet, bank account or significant other to see if these games are right for you and your budget."
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Re: Bored Browser Games...

Postby laterna » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:09 pm

I remember this game. I started playing in the Greek country, got to level 3, then started seing some weird stuff. After a LONG theorycrafting sesssion, I found out that the game economy needs to have an ever increasing playerbase to maintain stability. There simply was too much gold going out, compare to what you got unless you worked for the church. I can't find the thread were I posted this, but the proof was fairly sound, and I think caused a massive outbreak of leavers from the greek community... It simply requires that you have a pyramid-esque style of playerbase, or the game simply does not work.

As it was in the greek country, the playerbase had many old players, lvl 4 which simply didn't allow for any new player to make it high fast enough, mainly because the gold received was way too little.
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Re: Bored Browser Games...

Postby Passionario » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:55 am

I wonder if anyone here happens to be a delicious friend of the Echo Bazaar/Fallen London.
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Re: Bored Browser Games...

Postby Candiru » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:31 am

I am indeed a delicious friend, although I haven't logged in for a few months.

Neptune's Pride / Blight of the Immortals are quite fun games from Ironhelmet. They also have a new game I haven't tried yet.

Neptune's pride is a space-empire game in realtime, you build fleets, research tech and conduct diplomacy. It plays like Diplomacy-in-space.

Blight of the immortals is semi-coop with zombie hordes invading a fantasy world. You might be goblins and arcs or men and dwarves fighting against them. If the zombies take a city, it will start producing the appropriate zombies. Zombie treefolk are *very* scary.

The games are free to play with default settings, but if you pay you can make private games with any settings you choose, as well as control the speed of the game.
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Re: Bored Browser Games...

Postby Kelaan » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:39 pm

Candiru wrote:Neptune's pride is a space-empire game in realtime, you build fleets, research tech and conduct diplomacy. It plays like Diplomacy-in-space.

O_O DO WANT, I Think. Maybe.
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Re: Bored Browser Games...

Postby Dazhbog » Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:18 am

Passionario wrote:I wonder if anyone here happens to be a delicious friend of the Echo Bazaar/Fallen London.

I just made the descent, based on your quote in the other thread. This makes it entirely your fault that I'm being pursued by Rubbery Men. Luckily, I got admitted to the House of Chimes and they weren't.
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