Government shutdown inbound next week?

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Re: Government shutdown inbound next week?

Postby Flipthebird » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:34 am

Brekkie wrote:What if the got rid of subsequent terms for politicians all together? One term is all you get and that's it. I think that would have a really positive impact on government because:
-There can hardly be a shortage of talented, dedicated, intelligent people in the country to the point where we couldn't constantly find new ones.
-There would be much more attention on the actual positions a candidate stands for because they would be a new figure, there wouldn't be any big careerist politicians or party bosses in smokey rooms who can just get carried forward by their own momentum and name brand power.
-Lobbists and parasitic special interest groups would be weakened, because what could they threaten you with?
-It would be more likely for Average Joe Has-A-Good-Idea to become a congressman because it would just be something you do for a few years and that's it.

Most offcials would need to be in office for at least years. The way it stands now is that during the first year, the official is basically living in the wake of what the official before them did. It's usually in the 2nd year that the new official can get his ideas rollin'.

I think 4 years is a great term limit with re-election available only once. Exactly like the President.
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