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World of Tanks - Beta

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World of Tanks - Beta

Postby bldavis » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:42 am

If there is another thread already, I apologize. Feel free to take this down if there is.

Not sure how many of us tankadins are history buffs, but I was refered to this by someone who knows I am a big one.
World of Tanks

Realistic (sounding and looking at least) battles between WWII era tanks.
You hear the clanging of the shells being loaded, the rumble of the engine, the clattering of the treads as you cross from mud to grass to cobblestone, the ping of an enemy shell ricocheting off your armor.

You can be anything from a massive Heavy tank, huge armor and gun, but pretty slow, to a light, quick scout that is great for artillery harass. You can also specailize in defense as a tank destroyer, or as "the hand of God" as some forum posters have put it, as a SPG, Self Propelled Gun, ie artillery.

Easy to pick up, fun to play, and from what i have seen so far, not a whole lot of trolls or griefers ... yet.

So does anyone else play a different kind of tank?

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