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Charles Stross Laundry series

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Charles Stross Laundry series

Postby Dianora » Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:37 am

Charles Stross has a good Dilbert + Unix Hacker Joke + Lovecraft Cthulu horror + Spy novel mashup series featuring a not so mild mannered system admin/hacker (Bob Howard, not his real name) working for the British Secret Service tasked to deal with the suspernatural and the end of the world as we know it. They're also an ISO9000 certified organization and runs like a Dilbert corporation.

Thus far the series has produced 3 novels 4 short stories (2 of them are available online for free)
The Atrocity Archives (with short story Concrete Jungle)
The Jennifer Morgue (with short story Pimpf)
Down on the Farm short story between The Jennifer Morgue and The Fuller Memorandum.
The Fuller Memorandum
Overtime (really should be included with The Fuller Memorandum, but it does take place after that novel.

There's a lot of Unix jokes abound, and the more you know, the more you get. Thus far, each novel also use the writing of specific author and utilize their usual story frame as template. The Atrocity Archives is sort of based on Len Deighton story where our hero fight against the stated enemy and his own bureaucracy. The Jennifer Morgue is lampooned Ian Fleming's James Bond stories with its own megalomania supervillian. The Fuller Memorandum is more obscured on the source spy novel, but appears to be based on works of Anthony Price.

The story can get quit gruesome as befitting of the unspeakable horrors beyond the threshold of reality, but they also have a lot of humor. The Fuller Memorandum is a bit darker than the other 2 novels, but it's great fun.

Oh, not sure how official this logo is, but the seal of SOE, aka Laundry:

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