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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Postby Shamora » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:31 pm

During the WGA strike Joss Whedon started writing a three part musical series for the internet. Each of the three episodes will be approximately ten minutes each.

Co-writers for the internet feature are Joss’ brothers Zack and Jed and Jed’s Fiancé Maurissa Tancharoen . The writing and shooting have been completed and the series is now in post-production.

“It’s the story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.” says Whedon.

“Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” will star Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer, Felicia Day as Penny and a cast of dozens.”

Official Site:

Official Fan Site:

This is freakin awesome. :D I can't wait until the third act.
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Postby Ruex » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:38 pm

I've watched the first 2 episodes, and they are god-damned fantastic.

Some of the funniest "TV" I have seen in ages.

Top notch stuff here.


The link Above is for a small webcomic dark horse released a little bit prior to the shows as a intro to them.

Funny as well.

All should see an enjoy!
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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Postby Passionario » Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:49 pm

I finally got around to watching it (years behind, I know), and it was awesome.

The only problem is that now I've got several earworm tunes stuck in my head.
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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Postby Kelaan » Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:02 pm


And yet it's still awesome.

The 8-bit remix of it is awesome, too.

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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Postby Arnock » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:51 pm

Seeing as it is the original thread... wouldn't


be more appropriate
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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Postby Kelaan » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:50 am

Indeed; I totally missed the initial post dates. Whoops!
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