hard hitting trash, do you bubble/rd?

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hard hitting trash, do you bubble/rd?

Postby Seloei » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:22 am

we only recently started running ZA with a steady group and was wondering... quite often my OT gets mauled and molested by the bear before nalorakk and half the times, he goes on a rampage before i am able to pick him up.

Has anyone tried using the bubble/RD method to gain high agro on the second bear so he will come to you next? or would it fail and result in both deaths or no threat gain at all?

my OT is a prot warrior (glabu)

The fact that he dies is a true mystery to me, he has the health and he seems to have the avoidance needed but he drops like a brick in water after ~20s and with 2 healers on him

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Postby Steg » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:38 am

If it's the last trash pack before Nalorakk then i have aquestion on what you do with the other 2 adds there... coz if they are hitting your second tank also then the healers are not going to be able to keep him up as the bear/troll combo hits insanely hard..

We usually have 2 tanks on the bear/troll combo, sheep one walking add, chain fear the other one so they keep away from everyone else..

And if your OT has problems with staying alive still... make sure his target is nuked down first.. (with demount make sure to keep nuking the troll to oblivion, tank should immediately switch to gain aggro on the bear as he will go loose otherwise.. forget about the troll there... he has really low hp left to be a real thread if kept nuked upon.. then switch to the bear.. then next troll/bear combo.

Hope this helps
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Postby palouf » Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:45 am

Quiet weird...
My OT is new to tanking (respecced) and got less hp/armor/avoidance and do well with the combo : troll/bear until we kill the other one.
More than that, he is kept up by only one healer ( +1700 priest ).
First, be sure that the other 2 are cc (sheep,trap,fear) and that he tanks the troll/bear away from you and the group.
The only possible thing here is that your healers are not doing their job...
You should link their armory :-) You should switch the roles to see as said Steg...
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Postby Base » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:12 am

Its important to note that the bears must be tanked away from each other. They do a roar which increases the damage they do by 25% and increases the damage you take by 25%. It can also stack, so get two bears roaring next to each other and you have 50% extra damage and 50% extra damage taken.

Once the trolls spawn they enrage and actually do more damage than the bear itself, so its important to nuke them down as soon as possible.

Oh and hey Steg - how are things? Humpers doing well?
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Postby Steg » Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:51 am

Elthar wrote:Oh and hey Steg - how are things? Humpers doing well?

Hiya Elthar :P

Humpers is doing really well, guild started at 13th January and we had our 2nd week wiping on Vashj :P

OT: So true about the buff/debuff thing... get them apart!! :P
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Postby Seloei » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:57 am

yeah were pulling them apart like they should be, one on each side of the lower plat.

the 2 troll adds, i'l pull first with the holy frisbee so if the sheep/trap/fear breaks they come running to me so they arent on him. Last trip there this week, arthedain and fug (if you wish, you can look up their armorys) couldnt keep him alive and he got insta mauled by just the mounted bear. bad luck with a big hit streak? not enough passive avoidance? thought they cant crush... and i sure as hell know he is uncritable

Thanks for the tip on killing his first, always thought it be better that the one who might get a walking troll from a broken trap/fear would be better to down the bear first.

The boss himself was a real joke after the last pack was dead tho o.O

(oh the healers aren't bad, 2 of them at least i know are real good)
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Postby Steg » Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:26 am

I'm a tanking noob myself tbh... but i have led my share of raids to be sure..

And imo always get the worst tank (gear wise or skill wise) pick up the target that will be killed first (though make sure your dps holds off a bit longer for aggro related issues ofc)

That way you won't get so easily into trouble by a sudden death by your less geared/skilled tank and the healers have an easier job focusing on all the tanks in stead of sometimes hopelessly trying to keep up the less geared/skilled tank
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Postby 2ndNin » Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:49 am

The bears can't crush, but like the mobs in UB (the sporebats) they do seem to have a special attack.

Normally deaths go something like:

You are hit for 6000 <- Special attack I think, its not a crit or a crush
You are hit for 4000
You are hit for 3200
You are dead

The bears normal hits are ok, 3-4K each, and nothing spectacular, its those big hits you need to watch for (and the armour debuffs), as those make you dead fast. Normally I try and allocate 2 healers to the OT (well 1.7, and 1.3 for me), and my target goes down first, then the troll, the bear, then I am free to pick up the bear when the OT's goes down, or the whole thing if it goes badly (ranged taunt ftw). Also doesn't matter how good your avoidance is, last night on Magtheridon I was mana starved for nearly a minute when I had 1 hit from him in 48s, 48s without a single hit, the chances of that with 55%ish avoidance are horribly low, it all averages out over a large enough sample, but high avoidance is not a solution to dieing, it merely reduces the chance of it happening (died to the bears once with Moroes blown, 75% avoidance ish...and they still beat 19K health out of me :().
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Postby TheHonage » Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:21 am

LOl me 2 dieing. 17 ish parry, 39 ish dodge 10 ish miss. landed 5 hits in a row. -19.8k hp
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Postby Mortehl » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:01 am

It should be important to note the following:

- While the trolls are mounted on the bear - They cleave. Be careful with this.

- The bears themselves can be stunned/gouged/blinded/sheeped/et cetera. Remember, short CC means a few seconds taking less damage. Those few seconds are usually enough time for you to kill off the troll.

- The bear mount itself can be tranquilized after enrage roar thingy when there is no rider.
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