Capable of gruul?

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Capable of gruul?

Postby Bubbleoseven » Sun Nov 18, 2007 1:56 am

my guild is moving to gruul after the next kara run and they are offering me the MT spot firs, of course i have no idea if i'm ready so i came to ask you :D

i plan to pick up badge cloak, maidens neck and gloves and maybe etherspite shoulder. but is my gear capable of giving him a shot? ... n=Headnoob
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Postby Ilara » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:44 pm

Hi Headnoob, seen you around.

I've had limited chances so far, our MT warrior still doesn't seem to trust in my abilities, however I have tanked him up to about growth 12, at which point 4 of our healers decided to blow each other up and ended things in tears :(

few things to consider;
Stack on the stam, see if you can switch a trinket for one of the bigger stam ones, and that andormu's tear can come out soon if you have a replacement/stay uncrush. He hits HARD later on in the fight.

The pocket watch is a good plan for during the silences you get caught without holy shield.

grab one of the newer spell damage weaps for bigger threat so your dps can unleash faster. (ie s1 mace next week - thats what I'm waiting on >.<)

:3 Win the t4 shoulders on your HKM run. purty.

I'm going to insist I get another turn on the front lines next week to see how I go. Some people here suggest we are able to Hateful Strike tank, but I've not been able to keep my mana/threat up well enough yet. This is one fight that makes me feel next to useless if I'm not down the front getting smacked.
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Postby Aevisarace » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:29 pm

I would want 2-3k more hp unbuffed before I recommended you MT gruul.

Even at 14k pre-patch he hurt.

He's considerably easier for us post-patch, though :)
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