Best way to pick up infernals on Anetheron.

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Postby Seloei » Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:48 am

He crits for 4k, his fire aura ticks every second for about the same. The fire aura you can reduce to 25% all the time, the other one occasionaly happens.

Also, don't forget resilience for crit immunity. You can reach 15k unbuffed health without any bt gear but with plenty of resilience items while still being fire capped without a flask.
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Postby jere » Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:45 am

As far as gear goes:

Badge FR Chest + 8 FR armor patch
Badge FR Legs + Nethercleft
Badge FR Gloves + 2% threat
Badge FR Boots + 12 stam
SMV Quest FR Neck
Trials of the Naaru FR Ring
Flask of Chromatic Wander
FR Aura

Will put you over the FR cap

I use resilience gear to make up for lost defense (S2 gavel is handy for this) and a defense trinket as well.

However, I have never tried tanking them all the way without killing them. Just tossing that up as an idea for the bored.
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Postby fuzzygeek » Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:03 am

jere wrote:
fuzzygeek wrote:
jere wrote:Both Carrion Swarm and the random sleep are of the shadow school.

Our healers sometimes put on the BT neck and SR cloak for this fight. I bring my FR for the infernals, because I like boring my healer to sleep.

You can make a game out of it. Don't even dps the infernals, just tank them as they pop, see if the dps can kill Anetheron before you get more infernals than your healers can handle.

We did this last raid. Highly recommended. A+ Would play again.

Jaina did get down to 30% ish by the time we were done, so that's a fun little faux enrage timer.
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