I tanked Kaz'rogal! Woot!

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I tanked Kaz'rogal! Woot!

Postby Divineseal » Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:57 pm

I know I'm holy atm, I go holy over the weekends for arenas.

My guild runs MH on Friday nights and I was one of the tanks. I was trying out a new spec and even though they said get in my DPS gear I have more mana in tanking than DPS gear so I put on my threat set so I could see how much TPS I could put out when not getting hit. My total avoidance was 100.32% so I was crushable by a little more than 2% (this probably saved the raid anyways).

What happened was the warrior who was soupposed to tank him got hit 6 times with only 3 hot ticks going off in the first 10 sec of the fight. Not sure what happened to our healers but a druid got smashed before I established agro on him.

If any pallys are wondering what it's like to tank him here's basically what happened.

For the first ~1 min of the fight I had unlimited mana so if you ever tank this guy for whatever reason, pop Wings and go for a Max TPS rotation. The Damage you take is enough to regen the mana you use. After 1 min my mana started going down so I started poping mana pots on cooldown. I reduced my threat to a 10-sec rotation: Holy Shield, Concecrate, Judge, Re-Seal every 10 secs. This still was using more mana than I was regaining. By 5% I was hovering around 750 mana. It would drain down to 250, then get a heal and it'd go back up to 750. I was trying to use as little mana as possible by this point. I had plenty of lead on the DPS, the high threat people (hunters, rogues and locks) all wiped their agro giving me plenty of room. At one point I droped to 100 mana and I used LoH to bring me back up to 900. When he died I had 7 mana left. I probably wouldn't have survived the mana burning if I hadn't gotten crushed twice in the last 5% which was substantial healing and mana return.

Just thought you should know. It is deffinatly better to have someone else tank but if you need to it is possible.

Note: I didn't have his Drain on me when I used LoH. I did watch my mana when I did and it droped to 0 for a split second then jumped back up to 900. I do not know if using LoH while the mana drain debuff is on you will cause you to explode or not. If anyone knows I'd like to know.
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Postby Dorvan » Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:10 pm

If this post is about your accomplishment, it belongs in the successes thread. If it's about MT'ing Kaz'rogal, it belongs in the Kaz'rogal MT'ing thread:

http://www.failsafedesign.com/maintanka ... php?t=2511

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