regarding hyjal trash waves for azgalor + azgalor

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regarding hyjal trash waves for azgalor + azgalor

Postby rozakk » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:49 am

ive been ae tanking trash for my guild, but on azgalor noticed im having some issues. most of the problem is related to aboms. a few questions:

1. im trying to think of a good way to pick up the hounds/ghouls/fiends quickly without grabbing aboms at the same time. just wondering how others do it? do u just have the other tanks grab t he aboms off of u; we had 2 other tanks and sometimes if they missed an abom or got it too late i would get pummeled (i can keep at most 2 on me, 3 aboms plus other trash will likely lead to my messy death). 2ndly, should i be able to tank several aboms? they seem to hit quite a bit harder, and their knockdowns are devastating.
once the tauren warriors are there theaboms are much easier to deal with of course but until then is the issue im having

2. for the infernal + other trash waves, i mostly try to dodge the infernals as much aspossible to pick up the ae trash as it runs in. is thsi what everyone else does or you guys have a better way? sometimes i end up tanking an infernal as well, which isnt a big deal

3. for gargoyles - i have a hard time getting these on me. by the time they are close enuf to gether that i can get off a good holy wrath/consecrate they are usually well aggrod onto other targets and just wont stay on me. how do people do these or do you not usually ae pally tank em? <-- this issues not really a big deal since we dont have much of a prob with gargs even if im not tanking em

the main issue for me was sometimes ending up with 1 too many aboms and getting squashed, only happened once but it was on wave 8, which is killer suck. other times i'd get scarishly low tho, so im tihnking there is a better way.

last question is on azgalor himself - guild has me tanking doomguards. couple problems though - one, azgalors silence range is HUGE, it seems longer than 100 yards, as im standing behind thrall and still getting silenced, and azgalor is barely in visible distance. there is no feasible way for someone who is doomed to run out to where i would need to stand to avoid silence.
so the problem that occurs therefore is this - half the time the next doomguard spawns, im silenced and cant exorcise to snap aggro the mob before it runs off to the raid. ive been thinking about triyn gto keep a consecrate down at aoll times and having peopel run into it when doomed, but a few cons ticks doesnt seem to assure aggro everytime. it doesnt help that im also stunend quite a bit by the doomguard, making it even harder to snap aggro extras or even keep consecrate down consistently.

another issue with them is with 2 doomguards on me iwas taking quite a bit of damage. i was stunned a lot and getting low, and this was with 19k hps i believe. tho ive read on here i believe that a prot pally should have no issue with 2 doomguards. the healer was understandably complaining i was quite hard to keep up. a lot of this has to do with the fact again that i cant keep my holy shield up always because of the silence + the stuns.

now the healer was healing 2 tanks, me and a feral druid, and we both had 2 doomguards, so naturally this attempt had other issues as well, as 4 doomguards should never be up together. but the druid was quite a lot easier to heal than me.

sorry for the long post, any advice is appreciated
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Postby Lansky » Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:21 pm

1. If you are worried about Aboms let another tank run out first and get proximity aggro. Then just consecrate underneath him and most of the stuff other tanks do not touch will go to you. If a healer gets looked at funny taunt/excorism are more than enough. You should be able to take 2-3 aboms if the healers expect it. I do not like doing it as you do take a ton of spike damage, but it is possible and lots of people do it. Its a guild/healer/personal choice. If you don't like the spike damage then tell other tanks to grab stuff, but sometimes you will end up with 2-3 on you. Make sure your healers know so they can be prepared for the spikes. They are healable.

2. I don't tank Infernals ever. I run up and grab the melee trash that comes and just hold it till we're ready, but yeah if you grab an infernal nearby its not a big deal and I wouldn't give it much consideration.

3. We don't really "tank" gargoyles. Just use hunters/locks to round them up and pull them down the hill. You can taunt a few of them, as can other tanks but it really is not a big deal. They don't hit that hard at all.

As for Azgalor picking up doomguards is very easy if your guildmates give you a hand. That is die behind you or at you. The biggest issue is when you have to run up to get them. If they die far away even if you get silenced as they die you can either have a consecrate down already or the silence is not that long. Given enough room a full duration silence won't mean a doomguard is in the raid as they don't run that fast.

As far as you taking more damage than a feral druid while stunned.... sorry to be frank but DUH. A well geared feral druid at this point should be armor capped and have more health than you. This means he will take less damage per hit, have more health, and your only advantage (blocking/parry) is completely negated due to the frequent stuns. The druid will take less damage per physical hit in all cases. Its what they were built to do. The larger issue as you noticed is 4 doomguards up at once. If that happens then Azgalor better be dead within seconds cause things have gotten out of hand on add control.
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Postby rozakk » Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:29 pm

yea i dunno if my gear can handle 3 aboms, i did tank it a few times inadvertently but came very close to death several times. i was getting a lot of incomiming heals.

the infernals just aggro me because when i run up to grab the melee trash, quite often if one or in some cases 3-4 of the infernals dropped down in the area the other trash runs in, they tend to go for me as im closest. again not a huge deal just somteimes i get whacked a few times and they get in my way grabbin the toher stuff.

the problem with the doomguards is guild is saying they cant get to us in time always, if i back out even further. im already pretty far away and still gettin gsilenced. im trying to keep a consecrate down but between the silences plus the stuns from a doomguard im already tanking, i dont have consecrate down for several seconds sometimes. and the cons doesnt always give m eaggro too. in like 2 seconds a doomguard is usually too far to exorc if i was silenced that long.
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Postby rozakk » Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:37 pm

i didnt see this forum befoore..thers enuf azgalor threads i'll just post in those if nethin else pops into my head, sorry for the dp
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Postby enbee » Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:39 pm

I just holy wrath + consec, other tanks need to peel some aboms off, works fine
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Postby Afraithe » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:54 am

Put hunter pets on the doomguards, to help DPS them down, and have a hunter stand so that he can just turn around and nuke one down if needed. Most of the time we kill one Doomguard just as the next spawn, can be problematic if you kill them too fast, since NPCs will run back to their spot then.
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