Looking for a Paladin who has main tanked Kael P4/5

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Postby Azulito » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:03 am

So i successfully tanked KT tonight :) first kill for our guild, 4th guild on the server to do it. (months behind yeah yeah).

I also think i was the first pally on my server to tank him teehee.

but enough about that.

Our strat was similar to our strats for other bosses that are moderately difficult. BRING MORE DPS.

2 tanks (me and a druid)
6 healers
17 DPS

Phase one - normal phase one shit, only i tank sanguinar right by where i tank the weapons, to facilitate picking him up in P3. Druid tanks telonicus off in the upper left corner. *druid is wearing FR gear, cause he'll be tanking birds later.

Phase 2 - i tank all the weapons except the axe, bow, and staff. Druid takes axe just outside of my tanking area, so it doesn't smack DPS, but still gets the spell AoE. DPS warrior ghetto tanks the staff, hunter tanks bow. We pop heroism right off the bat, weapons die before adds respawn.

Phase 3 - Sanguinar gets ownd by me and the melee, druid picks up engi again, and DPS kills everything (thaladred first). i yell at healers that don't preheal me for the mace buff.

Phase 4 - I grab kael, bubble through the first 2 pyros if needed, build lots of threat. Druid tanks birds, calls for DPS on eggs.

Phase 5 - I do my best not to get killed, i yell at healers that don't preheal me for the mace buff between flying around. use the shield liberally at this point, like to cover up standing in flamestrikes, to stop fireballs that would kill you because healers forgot to heal you, etc.

I had fire prot pots and nightmare seeds, used them on ONE pyro, and not on the attempt that we killed him :). i actually tanked him with around 18-19k raid buffed health... it went fine :) about 600 buffed spell dmg, not counting SotC.

there's what we did, maybe it works for you, maybe not. just thought i'd share :)
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Postby Azulito » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:41 pm

*edit* i have like 800 buffed spell dmg without sotc, cause i had flask of blinding light and a resto shammy. along with some wiz oil. (not to mention the proc on the spell dmg SSO neck :) )
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Postby Ozelot » Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:03 pm

Thanks for all the advice here.

We got our first kill of Kael tonight and I got my first ever chance to MT him and we one shot him on our first try today. Think health was 17.4k unbuffed in the gear I wore with about 330 sp. dmg. (unbuffed).

For consumables I used the +30 sta food, flask of blinding light (since I was tanking sanguinar and weapons aswell and hate the fortitude flask. :-D). Got a Imp (48stam) and warr shout in my group together with a resto shammie for WoA totem mainly. On that the usual buffs ofc. Druid buff/fortitude/Kings/Wisdom/Sanctuary.

We had 4 tanks (Me, 2 warrs, 1 druid in fire res gear), 6 healers, 15 DPS.

P1: Nothing special, I tanked Sanguinar at the normal spot (right hand side).
P2: Weapons, AoE time. Kited them around a bit in the end to ease picking up. Died really fast so no problems to loot and get to p3 spawn points in time.
p3: Kill stuff. Me and melee on Sanguinar. Died with plenty off time left. DPS rocked.
p4: Pick up with consecration, JotCrus, some SoR smacks on him and a judgement, swapped to SoV after that. Checked stacks and they kept building so kept using SoV.
First pyro: Shield, bubble, bubble/kicked - Bubble off.
Second pyro: Fire prot pot, shield, kicked. PW:Shield missed by priest but not a problem.
He got off no more until we got tossed up into the air. Birds where offtanked by the druid in fire res gear. RDPS focused on killing birds and eggs. Melee stayed on Kael for interrupts (1 rogue, 1 shamme). Warrior tanks ran around removing MC.
p5: Nothing special. Kept holding aggro, ate some firebolts but nothing to bad. Got tossed up after second air sequence but nothing healers couldn't handle.

It sure helped us, hope it will help you aswell on your kill.
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Postby Petrus » Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:26 pm

Post 3.0, I MT'd him (until the healers let me die after a gravlapse :P). He only got two Pyro chains off, and I bubbled/shielded first and nightmareseeded/shielded the second (lived with 54! health left over). That fight is SO GODDAMN FUN OMG. Wish all fights were that epic.

DPS was so crazy on the whole thing, advisors died ridiculously fast. P4 was almost a joke to tank with the healing that was able to be done.
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