Morogrim's Murlocs

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Morogrim's Murlocs

Postby Seiher » Fri May 25, 2007 8:32 am

So my guild is now attempting this encounter and I the idea has been thrown around of having me AE tank the Murlocs when the spawn. My initial fear is the gathering of all the murlocs so that I can keep them together when the mages and warlocks blow thier wads.

I was wondering if any of you have done this and could give some insight to how you gather the Murlocs. Do you use healing aggro when they spawn? Or do you rely on Consecration to grab them?
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Postby Jensaarai » Fri May 25, 2007 9:03 am

Courtesy Lore :)

Lore wrote:Hi-quality download: ... einfo.html

Incredibly ugly google video: ... 4601&hl=en

Useful names to know:

Slothy - Main Tank (warrior)
Malsynth - Mage nova'ing my side, he's the one that dies like 3 times
Dweeb/Yajed - Two druid tanks picking up murlocs from the other side. I'm pretty happy it takes 2 tanks to do what I do myself.

Enjoy :D
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Postby Lore » Fri May 25, 2007 9:17 am


Note that I don't AE tank ALL the murlocs. That would be a huge pain in the ass to pick up. I tank all of the murlocs that come from one side, with 2 non-pally tanks picking up the murlocs from the other side.
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Postby Daimokuren » Fri May 25, 2007 9:44 am

Nice Lore :) And I'm assuming you chose the music - was awesome to hear imogen heap when he went down, lol. hide and seek is an amazing song. Off topic, I know. But it had to be mentioned.

I won't mind having the murloc job at all... Someday... Le sigh to low pop servers and 0 recruitment pool for progression.

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Postby Torakka » Fri May 25, 2007 10:20 am

I AoE tank them all and one or two DPS warriors are ready to assist in case of me getting tombed at the worst time or something other bad. Each healer and shadow priest just stands very near me and I cast Avenger's Shield to those murlocs coming from tomb side. All of them run to me (or those healers in fact :) ) and after few secs of standing in Consecration AoE can nuke for their hearts content. ... /ezarioth/ -retired, maybe this time for real...
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Postby Romie » Sat May 26, 2007 10:10 pm

We use 2 pally tanks for this, incase 1 get tombed. We both stand in the raid but one is south and the other is north part the raid so we get 1 pack each. Once our first aoe is finished we move on top of each other and try and get close to morogrim so when the raid aoes the murlocks, the aoe also hits morogrim. It is doable with 1 paladin tank but your raid will have to make sure they are closely grouped up. You can also have your healing paladins use righteous fury so they will hopefully get healing agro over a priest on the murlocks as they have a much better chance of surviving afew hits. And make sure priests are using fade when the murlocks are inc.

I prefer standing close to the raid when the murlocks are inc so even if someone gets healing agro from the raid my aoe is still covering atleast half the raid while the other paladins aoe is covering the other half of the raid.

We have never tried forst nova rotations so not to sure how that goes but after watching the video that was posted seams good.
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Postby Trevize » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:21 am

My guild is working on him atm and I am the main murloc tank. I grab the front side and a warrior/druid grabs the back and we bring them all together on top of morogrim/aoe'ers.

The problem we keep having is me getting tombed and alllll the murlocs following me over and owning me. Seems to happen at the worst time, either right when I get aggro or right as we are about to aoe so both packs will come after me.

Seems we are so good at getting aoe aggro that it is actually a hindrance to the raid when we get tombed. Frustrating.

Edit: I just watched your video. Your didn't get watery graved once....if you had, do you have some dps warriors on call to get the adds? Or just chain frost nova them in place till you get back? Exactly how do you guys handle it.

It seems I am the most unlucky bastard around cause I will get watery graved 4-5 times an attempt.
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Postby Lore » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:25 am

A quick DS out is good there. As soon as you realize you're tombed hit DS, cancel it off, and haul ass back over. Every so often you'll get tombed while DS is on cooldown, but it doesn't seem to happen too often, and usually other tanks can pick the stuff up or mages can keep your group nova'ed. Communication is the key there :P
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Postby Trevize » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:40 am

Thanks for the quick reply. I like the way you guys did it with the frost nova. Is the exact same thing happening on the other side with the 2 druids or are they just demo roar/swiping them all and bring them back?

We have the entire raid literally standing on top of me, right behind morogrim so the aoe will hit him. Then i get a couple consecrates in before the druids drag theirs to me, then we aoe them all down. It seems to work great until I get tombed at the worst possible moment. Guess a warrior ready to aoe taunt in that case would be a good thing.
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Postby Lore » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:46 am

Same thing happens on the other side with the two druids.

Bad tombs still happen, but the druids are generally able to pick up my murlocs (with aoe taunt) if necessary, at which point I just pick an AoE'er to keep my eye on (it's usually the same people pulling aggro) and hit RD when they start taking damage.
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Postby Trevize » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:52 am

Cool. Appreciate it. Last night we just skipped around to Kalithress to give him a shot thinking it would be really easy but had a whole new set of problems. No shaman makes life difficult interrupting heals hehe. We only had 4 tanks so I had to tank the hunter and his pet at the same time....sometimes being a pally tank is very very cool :D
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Postby DracAlexstrasza » Sun Jun 17, 2007 10:37 pm

Well, I kinda feel like I got to the big leagues... Got him down on our first night trying him. ^_^

Picking up all the murlocs wasn't hard once we got the aggro monsters (shadow priests, one druid and a holy pally) in one place. hehe

The tanking ring dropped, can't wait til the next time it drops 'cause it will be mine.
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Postby Havn » Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:37 pm

If you tank Tidewalker up the ramp(in the doorway)and you stand down in the pool with the Tomb healers you will never get tombed. Then we have the main tank healers stand at the top of the ramp where i can reach them after the earthquake. When the earthquake hits no one aoe heals. The only heals thrown out are single target heals on the main tank. I then spam holy light on the MT healers to get teh aggro from all of the murlocs. I then tank them down there and the aoe comes down after the second consecrate and nukes em down.

Using this strat the murlocs are handled very easily.
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Postby Iliria » Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:49 pm

Just throwing in my little tidbit after having successfully tanked all the adds last night. The strat we finally settled on when we killed Morogrim was tanking Morogrim in the tunnel behind where you enter the room. Have him facing away from the raid, with ranged ~25 yards behind him (meaning ranged is closer to the center of the room than the tank) and I was ~25 yards behind them on a corner next to the ramp. I kept aggro on the murlocs by spamming holy light on our designated warlock who was wearing pvp gear (for the extra stamina).

Basically every time an earthquake was due, our warlock would lifetap twice from full health and then let the earthquake hit him, afterwards I'd shoot off 3 holy lights on him (he has fel armor! so you're healing/generating more aggro). That pretty much plasters all the murlocs to you, proceed to do what you do best and tank them all.

Note though, it is very important in this strat that NO ONE heals the designated warlock, otherwise you simply cant generate enough threat, the warlock can drain life to keep them self up, so it really shouldn't be an issue with his survivability.
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Postby Phaex » Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:32 am

We just let everyone stop healing except pallies und shamans after an earthquake.
I just throw holy lights in my group, usually three, sometimes only two when i fell asleep or something.
When the first consecration is finished i hit my yell macro, and they burn them down.

Its not even much of a problem if you get tombed after the earthquake. They'll still come after you. But its important to hit bubble/bop when they reach you, not earlier. Run back to your group, unbubble and proceed with standard tanking. Otherwise you'll probably die out of healrange, or some murlocs will rape healers.
But anyway, its not a bad idea to have a second tank ready if everything goes wrong, i.g. 3 tombs in a row.
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