Tanking demon phase on my pally, or how I got my T5

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Tanking demon phase on my pally, or how I got my T5

Postby Capt » Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:19 am

first let me set this up, it was 2 months ago and leo was the best we could do, my warlock was my main and I had enough fire resistance gear to tank leo, we killed him then farmed for a while

during this my pally was getting geared out, (only reason we downed hydros, 1pally>2 druids apparently) and on like the 5th time he was killed (at this point my lock is living in shat and only gets out to tank leo) not one, not two but THREE pally T5 gloves drop...and they all go to off sets, two ret and one prot for a holy pally

I lost a part of my soul that day

now we have killed every T5 boss but vash and kael and the first couple of hijal and BT. lately we have been working on kael but we had the C team on for our Thursday raid (Grrr at people signing up but not showing up), so our GM decided to go to SSC and do some farming rather then wipe on kael...

attempt one;
I had a full fire resist set (364 with fire aura up) and I was ready to tank demon form, and I did for about 6k mana's worth then I went oom, the bastard could not hit me to save his life. even with chain poting.
I was also last one alive, and lasted a long time with the demon beating on me with no healers at all hehe

attempt two;
I went down to 300ish FR with aura up, went oom again and got pulled off of and the raid wiped. and had a battle rez after I died when he changed forms (I dont have alot of def in my FR gear apparently lol)

attempt three;
first I pray more this time. I also get a ret pally in the group. I keep same gear but I put ret aura up until he splits, then I put fire aura up. I die twice because some dmg gets through..

but I get my T5 so all is right in the universe, and I also realiszed being a pack rat was good cause I used my +holy dmg cloak for the first and (probably) last time in a raid

just felt the need to vent...and besides might be usefull for any other pally who needs tanks leo on demon phase
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