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Postby Elryk » Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:08 am

Would appreciate any advice from someone who's successfully tanked the shaman 'consistently' in the FLK fight.

I had major problems with this dude today (our first time doing FLK), to the extent that I was getting owned from double WF + Frostshocks + Spitefire totems.

I'd tried using full avoidance (28% unbuff) then full mitigation then a mix and match and none seem to work. Finally went the full HP route (20K raid buffed) with probably more success than other attempts, but it was still too inconsistent for my liking. Would love to hear what gear was used and what kind of healing you had. Thanks.

PS. As an FYI we are killing hunter first then shaman second (maybe should kill shaman 1st then hunter but for now we'll keep this route)
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Postby Cakes » Sun Jul 15, 2007 4:19 pm

While I haven't actually tanked the shaman, here's a couple tidbits that might help you:

If the combo of frost shock and WF is taking you from full to dead, you might consider having a shaman with you for grounding totem to take the shock.

Ironshield potions. You WILL be double windfuried, might as well mitigate as much as possible.

You might already be doing this, but tank the hunter and shaman on top of each other. If a warrior is tanking the hunter, you'll see the benefits of his thunderclap and demo shout. Healers also see a benefit, since the hunter won't target just them for his viper sting.

Personally, we have a warrior tank the shaman and I tank the hunter and pet, but I think choice of tanks is pretty irrelevant: the shaman tank will still take tons of burst damage.
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Postby Atreidies » Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:33 pm

Everything Cakes said is pretty much spot on, the biggest threat for any tank on the shaman is having to eat the Frost Shock close to either a WF proc or a shot from the Spitfire Totem. A shaman in your group with Grounding Totem down will definitely save you alot of headache.

I personally don't recommend tanking the hunter on top of the shaman as we have a feral that picks up Sharkiss and the pet both and usually kills the pet 2 or 3 times before the DPS is done with the shaman and so has to feral charge and snag the pet off the healers when he respawns which could be hairy that close to the rest of the raid.
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