My First Prince Fight!

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My First Prince Fight!

Postby Bavarian » Mon May 05, 2008 10:31 am

First off, thanks a ton for all the advice I've gotten here. It's made gearing up and strats go smooth. is me.

We're a newer guild with some experienced players and a lot of people that are on their first character and are just learning about raiding. One of our 70's just found out what those open sockets on his gear are for :shock: :lol:

I come from a shadow priest background so making the switch to tank has been quite a change. Sheesh, DPS is easy mode after ya tank a bit. Especially main tank.

So the guild has been in Kara about 4 times now. We've made it through most of Kara by ourselves but were only able to down Netherspite and Prince with outside help (T6 geared warrior friend). And we're still hashing together groups most raid nights.

Well this time through, it was just us. Still gear hungry and learning the fights. I was over 17k health buffed last night.

Prince took 4 attempts. I tanked him just past the enterance on the right (past the dip in the wall) while the group stayed in the doorway area. Enfeebled melee would run into the dip untill after the AOE.

The first time, too many people were figuring out what happens with enfeeble, what infernals were all about, etc. We had made it into phase 2 pretty well, and had an infernal drop on the group. It was never going to be a success but the infernal really ended it quick.

Second time through, everything was looking good, but the healers let my health drop a bit too far at the end of phase 2 d/t bad infernal placement and I did one of those 14k health to dead in literally less then a second. Ouch! I also kept melee during phase 2 which I'm sure contributed to it.

Third time, infernal drops on group just as we hit phase 2. We scramble, but loose a healer and a few others. It was a quick wipe.

Fourth attempt and we decide the last for the night. We thnk we've had some bad luck with infernal placement and we'll try it one last time with the same strat since we've seen it work multiple times in the past. Phase one is uneventful. Phase 2 goes great and I have enough of an aggro lead that I stop my melee. My swings auto start after I judge so I did take a couple wacks at him. But luckily no parry/thrash death. An infernal did drop close to me, but a quick shift towards the group and a slight re-adjust of the group did the trick. And we burned him down from there. Only one death. It amazed me how easy it seemed immediately after 3 wipes.

I was THRILLED! I kept thinking I had reached a true tanking milestone and it made my WoW night. And having done it with several people that hadn't ever seen Prince made it sweeter.

And on top of it all, the t4 helm dropped woot! I had picked up the Battlescar boots earlier in the night.

So THANKS AGAIN to all those that have contributed to this forum. You've all been a great help.

Now on to ZA =)
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Postby ldeboer » Mon May 05, 2008 6:56 pm

Good work ... and good luck going forward.
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Postby Solumin_AK » Tue May 06, 2008 12:22 pm

I know the feeling, Bavarian. Successfully tanking Prince for the first time is definitely a milestone, and congrats on passing it. :wink: Good luck with everything that comes afterwards.
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Postby TheHonage » Wed May 07, 2008 6:39 pm

I'll never forget the first time I tanked him. I was so scared of holy shield dropping I button smashed (not my style), and I breathed for the first time in seven minutes after he dropped ;P Grats man!
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