Kara Mayhem

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Should I be pissed or just shrug it off?

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Yes, they're a-holes! :)
No, get over it.
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Postby djlar » Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:05 am

What made me left my guild is something similar, I was being bypassed too many times, the two tank spots were usually full way before the raid started, by uber-geared tanks which won't needed the tank drops and they usually had them sharded.

Or getting tanks from other guilds even if I was ready to raid right at the door and fully prepared.

The other option was to respect to Holy or Ret, but then again the gear drops would go to the current tank first, and i even don't have the gear at hand to respec anyway.
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Re: Kara Mayhem

Postby redlenses » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:22 pm

The spots were full for tanks, so you shouldn't have been going to Kara, period. The guild did you the favor of letting you come as Ret (unless you have a full Ret set of gear).

When tank gear dropped, you shouldn't have been there to roll on it, the tank spots were filled.

Many guilds allow the leader of the raid to exclude rolls if they think someone doesn't NEED the item. In the circumstance you describe the Main Tank and Off Tank rolled on a Tank item, and you did too. The raid leader overrode the rolls and said that the item should go to the Main Tank - that shouldn't be controversial. He determines who can roll Need, not the people in the raid.

If you all had comperable gear then allowing a random roll to determine the winner would be more appropriate, but that is not the case here.

I'd agree with the Raid leader here, the main tank for the run needed the gear way more than anyone else so they should get the gear regardless of who wants the gear. The main tank was the worst geared, yet was main tanking for the group and showed that he is prompt in signing up and will likely do so in the future - that should be rewarded.

In a perfect world the raid leader would have carefully analyzed the loot and not asked for rolls.

The re-roll thing on the helm might be questionable if it was the only item that dropped. If his rules are that you wait until he says go, then that's fair - and he did make all of you re-roll. It's reasonable that the raid leader wants things done in a predictable controlled manner - people throwing out random rolls that he then has to figure out what they were rolling on is chaotic. (Although if only 1 piece of loot dropped, it would be obvious, but since multiple pieces of loot can drop, you should see the point in making people wait - that's a fair rule).

When you go to a raid as an offspec you are there for the Badges, the fun, and if no one else needs gear that drops - some bonus gear.

If you are only willing to go as an offspec if you can roll on your main spec gear, you need to negotiate that before the run.
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Postby Adamantine » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:01 am

That seems more like nonsense to me. A raid leader being the sole loot council and overruling rolls generally ends up being a way to justify playing favorites.

The only time overruling a roll should be acceptable would be where the RL is preventing someone being a loot whore, like for example allowing someone with an S3 pvp helm have the T4 helm token over another person wearing a D3 helm simply because the S3 pvp person won the roll.

There is no justifiable reason to overrule a roll between two people in gear of similar levels. The only person who can find a justifiable reason in overruling the roll is the person who won.
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