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Postby turion350 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:16 am

the PROBLEM is that what I said is being looked at in the whole wrong way. First off, PALLY Tanking forum, so by saying inferior warrior, that is something that isn't meant to go outside our community, 2 , I have no hatred of the other tanking classes because all 3 are needed, 3, i said be like and almost arrogant, never said I was or for him to be, but he has to feel he can pull the job off. So when you played sports and the coach in the heat of the moment yelled, cursed, and spit with adrenaline to go kill those bastards, or whatever they said, you took to heart and thought he really meant it? Or did it get you fired up and ready to jump out and get the job done?

Did he sound like a arrogant asshole? of course he did, he was trying to get you going. Did he really expect you to be one? No, he wanted you to go out and give your best, be a good sport, and not hang onto the micro managing of what he said, but the intention of what he said. Do i go around saying there is nothing better than Tankadins? no, I just have pride in what i do and want our fellow upcoming tankadin to be the same. To keep arguing against something that is not intended is just a liberal way of hanging onto something that is minute.

Did i say he should be a dick to other tanks? NO, I told him he should always strive to be main tank, meaning to be his best, to not want to be put into the background. SO get off the warrior comment unless you have never played sports or had a pep talk, then you just don't understand. And don't come off saying "i never had a coach like that" unless you had some uptight quiet pip squeek, they yelled, cussed and screamed at ya. And ok, if you did have that, The Drill Sergeant sure in the hell said that stuff, and did I take what he said to me literally?
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