Prince and Parries

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Prince and Parries

Postby Tahl » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:04 pm

It's been suggested that Kara bosses have around a 12-15% parry chance not counting expertise. The average from three recent Prince fights (about 10 minutes of fighting total) was one parry every 12 seconds, or about a 13.3% chance to be parried every time I swing.

An interesting note is that the time between parries ranged from 1.48 seconds apart to 40.8 seconds apart. There would sometimes be a big flurry of several parries in a row, and other times a long gap.

I have 10 expertise from talents and human racial, but also Prince attacks faster than most bosses which would raise the parry rate. The more often he attacks, the more often I will parry one of his attacks and therefore attack him more often, causing him to parry more often. Therefore, my average swing speed was probably not 1.6, but something less due to my own parries causing me to attack faster.

Also, for the first two attempts no melee classes were attacking Prince from the front. On the last attempt, a rogue got too close and started causing parries too. The parry rate shot up to one every 4.9 seconds! That's about two and a half times more parries because ONE dps was attacking him from the front. Avoid that problem at all costs, and keep combat logs so you can find out who's doing it.

If you find yourself dying from spike damage during phase two, stop autoattacking completely to cut down on his parries. Pop wings if they're up and just use Exorcism/Consecrate/etc to hold him.

As a side note, popping Moroes' Pocket Watch while wearing high dodge gear can make you nigh-invincible for a short while. I avoided 25 attacks out of 27 during 15 seconds of phase two. :lol: Now to try that during a Mongoose proc...
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Postby Jobah » Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:04 pm

Hmmm well you seem to understand this pretty well... so i have a question.

The past couple of weeks ive been tanking prince with 5 expertise. I changed my bracers from the green fortitude ones to the phalanx ones. Raised my exerptise rating by 22, brought it up to 10. This was the only notable gear change. I did some other changes to bring my spell dmg up, and lower my dodge rating a little bit. So, now for the question...

Phase 1, burned all my mana cuz thats what i always do, i go all out becuase im used to getting all my mana back during phase 2. I like to get a little ahead in threat so during phase 2 people can just open up on him. Except this time... during phase 2, i didnt get my mana back. I was struggling with mana the entire fight and my tps dropped down to 300 tps because i didnt have the oom to do anything. Normally i hold like 1300 tps this entire fight and the dps can just nuke the crap out of him, but this time i didnt have the oom to maintain tps.

So the only thing i can think of are the fact that this time we had a shaman healing me, and my expertise rating difference. So yeah, what should i do? Im kind of overgeared for kara too, so thats part of the problem.

Should i let prince crush me every once and a while?
Should i take those bracers off so he parries me more often?
Does earth shield replenish mana when it heals you?
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Postby Lisilia » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:42 pm

can't answer much of your questions but yes, earth shield does give you mana when it heals. it also gives you the healing aggro which is <3
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Postby Sparti » Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:36 pm

If you have a good threat lead going into phase 2 you can just stop attacking him in melee and use JOR/Consecrate/Exorcism/Holy Shield to generate threat. This mainly works well if you have another pally in the raid who can buff you with kings so you can sanctuary yourself.

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Postby Jobah » Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:22 am

Kind of a problem... My kara group is a badge run. Im running in there with people who are in ssc gear. The dps is insane... i really have to go all out to keep my threat above them. They had to slow down on their dps when i ran oom. Im almost sick of kara, the only boss i dont run oom on is illhoof.
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Postby Snake-Aes » Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:08 am

Melee dps on the front is a bad idea if they can be behind. Not only they give you a huge parrygib chance(they attack very fast!), they also dps less because the monster will be able to parry and block (dunno about dodge). Melee Dps do it from behind, that's a rule.

Parry Haste is overrated, in my opinion. Worrying about a 1% increased parrygib chance because you are parry more attacks therefore attacking more and causing more parries is like worrying about a plane crash. It's not that likely to happen!

If the spike damage is really killing you too often, do as you said, stop autoattacking :| Our threat gen is stupid-high on a dual wielder anyway.
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