Gear ok for kara tanking?

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Gear ok for kara tanking?

Postby Halisstra » Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:21 pm

So I've read the gear threads, and this is about what I'm at. ... =Halisstra

Info about us : We've all played before and we used to run three groups for kara along with clearing through mag and had just started SSC when most of us quit.

We have rerolled just to kill time and I am now tanking. I have pretty much never tanked except for starting last night, I have read through a majority of the posts and thanks to all for the great information you guys have here.

I am worried that my avoidance, is a bit low. Our previous MT (who's now playing a shaman) says his gear was worse then mine when we first started clearing Kara. What do the other tankadins out there think? Last week we cleared kara in about 4 hours start to finish (nightbane included) with just a single wipe on nightbane from a bad pickup by the tank (something else I'm also worried about.)

So all that being said.

-) Gear good enough to tank all the bosses?

Lastly at some point we're going to be doing ZA, they have all been there while I have not. I assume my gear is not good enough to even offtank there with what I have, correct? I may just have to go healing for ZA's until I get some better gears.

Thanks for any feedback!

Forgot to add : I can switch 12 sta gems out if I really need to, I have plenty banked as I'm a JCer I was just saving them for purps. Also I know my BP sockets are going to be questioned most likely. I didn't have my dawnstone crab completed until late last night (had an onyxia talisman in it's place) so I socketed the defense to pass the cap. I'll probably change it up before we go.
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Postby Boudi » Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:32 am

you have already answered the question in your own post m8 ;)

but for the fun of it i'll tell you that "is my gear good enough for....." threads, actually belong on the official WoW forums and not here.

only 14% chance to dodge is quite low. Get it up to 18-20% before tanking stuff like prince/netherspite and nightbane. Check the gear forums for upgrades and/or pre-raid tanking goals.

Also check if you're uncrushable before tanking raid bosses. I'm pretty sure people say that a small crushable percentage up to 4-5% can still be healed through...but why should we have our healers pay for our lazyness to get those last few percentages right :)

One more suggestion: read the forums...everybody has done your homework already and was also kind enough to write it down. Make use of it and reward em by sending them some pies :)
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Postby Wakeman » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:48 pm

Your warrior friend's comment CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!


Actually what I mean is warrior tanks itemization target is slightly different from us. They stack def until 490, than go straight to stam usually and have the other stats of their gear gives them like 15% dodge 15% parry. This is because their 75% shield block ensures they are uncrushable already with such stats.

On the other hand, our target is uncrittable 490 def => uncrushable by 102.4% total avoidance with holy shied on => stam.

I'd recommend you to make sure you are uncrushable before trying to tank the harder bosses. First thing you can do is to replace some of your stam gems with +dodge or +def. Add +12 dodge to back too.

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Postby Worldie » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:15 pm

I'd personally say that if u are uncrushable, you can tank all Karazhan except maybe Nightbane where you'd want some HP and avoidance also.
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